Introducing Teki!

Glad to finally see her! Love her expression.

Yeah for Teki! So cute. I'm sure you'll share lots of fun and hugs.

@donc and mischief. She’s definitely a stinker! She was spayed 2 weeks ago and getting her staples out tomorrow. Sure was hard keeping this one quiet!

We laugh when the vet used to tell us to keep our male, Tim, quite, and resting. It would be like trying to use an umbrella in a hurricane!! Some are just natural born stinkers!! BUT isn't that the whole reason we love them so much??!!

Sounds like a good match beautiful pup!

Thanks everyone! I’m so happy to have found your forum!

@chenke - Interesting that they used staples, typically these days it is glued or dissolvable? I never really restricted movement after the first two days or so. If you don't use pain medication and let them feel the paid if doing too much, they will limit themselves.

Agree with tanza, it's not good to overdo pain meds. An animal that doesn't feel the warning signal is far more likely to cause themselves harm. We want to protect them from discomfort, but at times that is absolutely the wrong thing to do.

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