• Hi-
    My son brought a Basenji Puppy into our home until he is able to move into his own home. Dexterj is a 5 month old beautiful brindle colored Basenji. Dexterj is joining for now my dogs. I have 2 Chinese Crested dogs. Jack is a 9 year old hairless Crested and Jill is an 8 year old Powder Puff. Right now the Basenji is causing chaos in my house and terrorizing my chinese cresteds and we need a lot of advice. Im so glad I found this forum and between myself and my son posting and reading , I hope to get this puppy under control. Thank you in advance.

  • Gosh, I just saw you have not had any replies! I have known of basenjis and cresteds who got along wonderfully. Hopefully they re getting along better, but a 5 month old basenji is always a terror! Energy like the Eveready bunny, WILD! No real advice other than to take him to dog parks, long walks, games to tire him a bit. A tired basenji is a good basenji.

  • Remember, a tired Basenji is a good Basenji… and also it is much harder to introduce a puppy to olders in the house... I would guess while you think he is "after" them... he just wants to play... you have to that that position... if they don't want to play with him.... Puppies play hard... usually adults will correct wild childs play... but they still need an outlet for all their built up energy...

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