Introducing myself and asking a question

Totally agree w/ you - basenji is a dog first before it's a basenji. You just need to find a vet that you completely trust. My Vet also practices holistic medicine and acupuncture. He not only treats dogs and cats but also horses and farm animals in the area. He was not my 1st vet - I had a bad experience w/ the first Vet. My basenji had a pea-size growth on her leg - the 1st vet gave me a 3 page computer print-out of an estimate close to $3000. My friend suggested I see her vet for a second opinion - he scribbled a quote on a scrap of paper for $300. Needless to say - he has been my vet for the last 10 years and I love him. He's a vet that not in it for the money but for the actual care and well-being of all animals.

@kimber7 - Welcome, sorry that I can't help with a Vet recommendation. However if you are on Facebook there are a number of Basenji people on there that most likely could help

@jlketz I will check out the website. Thank you.

@basenjimom2 Thank you. Our puppy is coming from California. I contacted 36 reputable basenji breeders before I nailed down this pup. It was not easy but I am so excited. My breeder did tell me to research valley fever. My friend's dog got it and he too is on medicine for the rest of his life.

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on becoming a new basenji parent! Please post a photo of your baby when he arrives!

@kimber7 - Yes, Valley Fever is a problem... My nephew's golden got it. As far as a Vet, visit the practice, see if you can meet and talk to the Vet. What is the office staff like? Do they (staff/Vet) listen to what you are saying????? Just some tips for you to use in looking for a Vet

Congrats on your new puppy. Boy or girl? What are you going to name him/her? What flavor?
As for a vet: find one that YOU communicate well with, hold the same philosopy and who treats your basenji with loving respect. I never let the staff take my dog out of my sight if I can help it. My vet endeared himself to me when he got on the floor and gave my b the time to come to him. He also spent 1.5 hours with me going over all aspects of allergies and provided a 5 page summary of the entire discussion.

@pawla we hope to get a boy. I like brindle, my husband likes red. We will be driving to California this weekend to pick our pup up. So excited!

@kimber7 - What fun.... care to share your pup's breeder? Many of us are related by our Basenjis.

A good vet is a good vet even if they aren't "basenji experts"! The good ones will be willing to learn about the breed but at the end of the day, a basenji is still a dog. ANY dog can be quirky!! My vets never saw basenjis before mine and I've had zero issues. They are patient, kind people who care about their patients. (My dogs are show dogs and very easy patients though! used to standing still while someone examines them). A good vet will be willing to listen to you!

Ask local friends where they go and get a few recommendations. REMEMBER!!!!!!! It's 100% OK to decide a vet isn't the right fit. There is no shame in shopping around! Don't keep going to a place you don't love. It's up to you to train your new baby to be OK with being handled/examined. Work on playing with paws, opening their mouth, gentle restraint, etc. I also belive that muzzle training is a good idea. If your dog (any breed!!!!) is ever hurt/painful they might try to bite the vet OR you so having them used to a muzzle is a wonderful thing. Make it positive so going to the vet is no big deal!

Good Luck with your baby!

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