• Hi all, Brutus and I are new here. Brutus is a good dog but has some problems I hope you all can help me with.

    ![0_1637693971596_Brutus.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • Not sure if the image uploaded or not.

  • @mbr77 said in Introducing Brutus:

    Not sure if the image uploaded or not.

    If you can't see it, it didn't upload. Typical problem is too large a file. Or choosing to click the wrong icon. You want the one second from the right if the picture is on your computer.

  • I'm getting a message saying the pic is too big. Do you know what the size limit is? Thanks.

  • Not sure of the size limit, there used to be information about this but I can't find it. I typically downsize to 800 x 600 pixels, 75% quality, and that works well. Size is usually under 100 kb.

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