Introducing Mrs. Walters!
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    My name is Betsy we brought our Mrs. Walters home in March. She's a 4 and a half months and we are totally smitten. I've found the forum to be very helpful so far, so I decided to join so I could participate.


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    Oh my goodness she is cute, I love the B/Ws!
    Where did she come from?

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  • Welcome and how cute she is.... Who did you get her from? Many of us are related by our Basenjis pedigrees

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    Thank you!
    We got her from Dagoba Basenjis.
    She was the only black and white girl available.

    I would love to know if any of her sisters and brothers are on the forum!

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  • Welcome to the forum! What a cutie pie!

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    Too cute! Enjoy, their puppyhood is over so soon...

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  • @betsy - I am familiar with the breeders, but none of mine are related. Have a great time with your pup

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