• We got on here in 2009, and then I promptly forgot to get back on here! Sorry all! To restate, we adopted Franklin and Eleanor in Iowa in 2009, and we still have them. Franklin has just been diagnosed with low thyroid; Eleanor is doing well (esp. after I ran over her right rear foot last fall with a golf cart).

    I shall attempt to get a picture on so I hope this shows up.

    We live in Iowa, full-time rvers, spending 6 months up here and 6 months in Arizona working at a county park. This is our 2nd set of Bs.

  • Welcome to our community!

  • Welcome, boy do we have a lot of new people today. This is a great place and a lot of good information when you need it. Typical B's on the sofa. Tried to train mine as a pup not to go on the sofa and he just outlasted me and have to say I don't give up easy. So we get snuggles every night and I love it.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • LOL they look so wild and stressed out, NOT! I love this breed, it's full tilt whatever they are doing– play or rest. 🙂 Welcome back.

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