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First time owning a dog and I decide to get a basenji. I like a challenge.

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@pawla we hope to get a boy. I like brindle, my husband likes red. We will be driving to California this weekend to pick our pup up. So excited!

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@basenjimom2 Thank you. Our puppy is coming from California. I contacted 36 reputable basenji breeders before I nailed down this pup. It was not easy but I am so excited. My breeder did tell me to research valley fever. My friend's dog got it and he too is on medicine for the rest of his life.

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@jlketz I will check out the website. Thank you.

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Introducing myself to the group. We get our basenji puppy March 10th so I am on this forum gathering wisdom. I enjoy reading about the antics of these dogs. Many of you have very funny stories. I live in the east valley region of Phoenix. Gilbert/Queen Creek to be specific. I am trying to find a veterinarian in my area who is familiar with the basenji breed. Recommendations appreciated.


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