Introducing Dakota

We just adopted little Dakota she is about 5 months old and we were originally told she was a Sheppard lab mix. I think they have it all wrong. I think she is part basenji and then maybe a bit Sheppard. She has the white sox’s and white tipped tail. She has the wrinkled forehead (my pics do not show this well). We live in S Florida I have a DD 3 yrs old and expecting another girl January 2nd. Here is one picture the rest were posted on the other thread. I need to get some better ones.


She is very cute! Good for you for adopting her. Where abouts in FL are you? We are in Tampa and get together with other basenjis and their humans on a regular basis.

Anne in Tampa

Welcome to the forum! What a cutie!

I live in S Florida in the Ft lauderdale area.

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