Introducing myself by Les Siddall

  • Hi
    I'm Les Siddall and I'm new to the forum. I write for the Our Dogs newspaper both as a columnist "Sez Les" and the Basenji Breed Note Writer. I also report dog shows for the paper. I have a blog site at
    This blog site and the Sez Les column is about dogs in general but today on my blog I have written about the UK decline of the Basenji.

  • hi Les - big welcomes to you. I'll have a look at your writings. Do you per chance own a basenji? Great to have you here with us.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Houston

    Welcome onboard…

  • Welcome. Do you know Sally Wallis?

  • Hi all
    Thanks for your welcome.
    I am not a novice to Basenjis having been in the breed in the UK longer than most.
    I am a novice to the forum.
    I do know Marvin and Sally Wallis.
    I have been in and around Basenjis since the 50s when as a boy I exercised two Basenjis. I have bred and owned Champions, affix Blackpits, have exported dogs to USA in the 1970s and was a friend of Veronica Tudor Williams, Jayne Wilson Stringer, Mirrie Cardew and Mary Herring for many years.
    I am secretary of the Northern Basenji Society and wrote and created their much visited web site I also publish their magazine which can be viewed on the site.
    Currently I do not own a Basenji as my lifestyle does not allow me to - I am often out of the country.
    I have a large Basenji archive and had my first Champion in 1971. I've judged the breed at Championship level since 1979 and in the 80s and 90s lectured on the Breed in the UK and Europe and most recently in the Far East.
    I write a lot and have a regular column (about all dogs) in the UKs top dog newspaper "Our Dogs" and if you take a look at my blog ( click on "about Les Siddall" or visit the web site mentioned above you will find anything else you want to know about me.
    I hope to have some interesting chats with you all.

  • Hi Les nice to see you here:D

  • Hi nice to be here.
    Hows your puppy?

  • @Les:

    Hi nice to be here.
    Hows your puppy?

    She is coming along well so far, teaching the adults all the bad habits:rolleyes:

  • Hi Les,
    welcome on board .
    will have a look at your blog

  • @basi:

    She is coming along well so far, teaching the adults all the bad habits:rolleyes:

    Like the look of your puppy but she surely cant teach the others any bad habits that thy don't already know.

  • First Basenji's

    Welcome Les. I see that your blog is about all breeds, but I do hope that you will blog more often about basenjis, especially as you could say a lot about the history of importing the breed. I've searched for basenji blogs with consistent content, and there are very few of them out there!

    Also very curious to know where you have lectured in the "Far East."

  • Hi
    I think that as well as having my blog as a general one that I may also have a regular section for Basenjis with my opinions over the last 50 odd years. So thanks for your idea Curleytails.
    I've Lectured in Thailand, Hong Kong and Malaya. My son is a property developer in Thailand and I visit him regularly. It's funny how they seem to love dogs and football out there. Not yet managed Australia but would love to go over there using one of my sons properties as a base.

  • Hi Les, welcome to this busy forum. There are often very interesting discussions which you should enjoy!


  • Welcome Les. I knew you'd succumb eventually!!

  • Hi Les, welcome to the forum!

  • Hi Les' welcome to the forum must read your blog!!

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