Allow me to introduce myself…

Hello All!
My name is "el" and I am in North Carolina (USA). I have been researching Basenji's and joined the Forums so I could gather information and hopefully meet some breeders in my area. I'm sure there is much to learn.

Hello and welcome! 🙂 This forum is great! Have you thought about adopting?

Hello el, welcome to the forum

Glad to have you here with us, El. This is the greatest place to meet people who have lots of information on basenjis. So good to see you are doing research before picking a dog.

I am hopeful you will be able to be in touch with some folks from NC.
I am sure BRAT has some folks with b's…

Welcome! Dive in and read some threads on funny stories, and on behavior, and health too of course. We all think basenjis are just the best things ever, but they are not for everyone. You need a great sense of humor, secure closet doors, energy and stamina, and did I mention a sense of humor? If you are proud to be outsmarted by your dog, and even brag about it, basenjis may be for you!

Check BCOa for breeders in your area, I believe there are some great ones in the NC/Virginia area. It's worth a long drive to get a good dog from a reputable breeder.

WELCOME El .. I'm sure you'll find this site very informative 🙂 .. PS. I'm also in NC 🙂

Welcome El - I hope you find your ideal very soon. You'll certainly get plenty of advice on the forum - there are so many clever people.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! 🙂

Welcome to the forum!

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