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The best thing a cat can do is to stand its ground and hiss a the dog. If they run, then the dog thinks it's a game! So depending on your cat, you might be okay for an introduction if the cat is going to be assertive enough. Otherwise I'd suggest putting the cat in her carrier, then bringing her into the dog's space. Make sure the dog is tired out so she doesn't get too wound up at the presenting of the cat! Ideally the cat will hiss and spit and let the pup know who's boss. 😉

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Such good advice from everyone here! Our pup isn't coming home for a few more weeks, but I want to make sure I understand how crate training works!

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I haven't seen her pedigree yet, so I'm not sure! I'll let you know, though. How fun to meet her dog cousins on the internet! 🙂

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She's coming from Shamaron Basenji's in Alberta, Canada.

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Thanks everyone!

We haven't met her yet since she lives soooo far away, but I've had many long phone conversations with the breeder, and seen pictures of the pup! I'm hoping to get some recent pictures soon and I'll post them for you guys to see.

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Hi everyone!

I'm so glad I found this forum so I can get lots of Basenji tips from all of you!

We are just currently in the process of buying our first home, complete with a big fenced yard. It's also right by the beach and the park, and perfect for a dog! We've already made arrangements with a breeder who is a friend of the family, and we are driving 12 hours to her home next month to get our pup!

So I'm not technically a basenji owner YET, but I will be as of April 22! She's a young b&w girl and we're naming her Cleo. 🙂

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