Pink Belly

Hi - I have recently rescued a 2yr old (approx) female. She has a bit of pink on her nose and a lot on her belly, especially between her legs. It seems more pink than when I first got her (mid Sept), but doesn't look like a rash. My male B has a bit of pink on his nose and chest, but not as much as the little one. They are both red and white. My older female (black & white) doesn't have any pink. Is this normal?

could you post some pictures?? that would be helpful

Let's see if this works?

Sorry it didn't work.


Sorry it didn't work.

Check out the size of the pic you tried to post. It can't be too large, otherwise it won't post.

I can't figure out how from my iPad. Will do so from my laptop tmrw - thx

Looks like a typical B belly to me. What is up with the big brown patch in the middle of her belly though? Is that what you are talking about?

Hi - no, I was talking about the pink part. Sending another pic. Have no idea what that patch is - she had that when she came to me. Vet here gave her a check-up when she arrived - didn't say anything. I thought it was a birthmark?

Looks normal to me… brown patch is normal too

Thank you - that's comforting. Basenjis are uncommon where I live, so while the vet is good, she is unfamiliar with them.

I agree with Pat - that looks normal to me, even the brown 'spot', which is just some unique coloration on her coat. Kipawa is also lightly pink around his lower tummy/penis area. There is just a little less fur there, and so I think the pink skin is just more noticeable.

Looks like a normal B belly to me! My beautiful boy has a pink belly with a few spots thrown in for good measure.

Feeling reassured…thanks...started wondering b/c she's so much more pink than my boy (and my older female has none at all).

I have also noticed that My B will have an extra pink belly after he's been sleeping all rolled in a little ball. I assume it's just the warmth and blood flow that makes his belly look especially pink. When he's cold, it's paler. And worries aside, there is nothing sweeter than a pink, sweet B belly!!

I agree with Bewler. When they get warm their bellies get pinker. More blood flow to the outside to dissipate heat. I was unaware however that they would possibly have coat coloring on their bellies. Both of my B's have white bellies with dark skin spots. The things you learn on the Basenji Forums!

First Basenji's

my tri boy has a black spot right where I assumed the umbilicus attachment was at birth. my guess would be a leftover mark as it healed the pigment was just darker….like a scar???

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