7 year old Basenji male has rash on belly and groin area

  • Hello,
    We have a neutered 7 year old basenji who in the past year has developed a rash/redness in his groin area as well as belly. He had a umbilical hernia removed when he was a puppy and neutered. We at first chalked it up to the dry winter in the Northeast but it hasn't gone away in the summer months (its better but still there). Vet had us add omega 3 to food no help, steroid spray no help, fish oil directly on the rash no help. He licks at it she thought it was a yeast infection for sure and he took meds for it. We feed him canine caviar (not kidding thats the name). It is a grain free dry dog food. He has plenty of energy and other than licking at the area he is pretty much the same dog but it looks painful. Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

  • Go to your vet and get some panalog ointment. Our basenji had the same thing. Always came on in winter when the heaters kicked in but it wouldn't go away without panalog. We would use it every year for about 5 days. Then it would be gone again for another year. We had a scrip always outstanding in case we needed it.

  • Could be allergy to something in grass, carpeting or floor cleaner. Typically food allergy wouldn't do that. I'd try benedryl, and wipe him down with baby wipe when he comes in, get him to lie on a towel or something and see if that and benedryl helps. While the licking could be stress, again not typically stomach. (Just saw Sass note on Panalog... worth a try if the other doesn't work! )

  • Sounds like a yeast infection to me

  • I don't know if any of this will help or not, but my old dog Raven was actually allergic to fish. It made him itch all over, especially his feet. His was getting really pink and irritated and he had a lot of dandruff. My vet gave him supplements that consisted mainly of salmon oil. His stomach turned bright red and he started itching like crazy. Took all fish products out of his diet and the rash and dandruff cleared up.
    My girl Scarab has a rash/ dark discoloration in her groin area right now. I tried to upload pictures but I'm technologically challenged and it says they are too big. My vet took a skin scraping and found yeast. She put Scarab on a topical mousse (Phytovet CK) which is mainly chlorhexedine. After a week the discoloration was spreading to her neck. I went over everything I was feeding her and the only problem I could come up with was one of the foods had brewers yeast in it. Although I had been feeding the food to her semi regularly, I had recently been using it as my go to dry dogfood. After only a couple of days off the food, I started to see an improvement. I can't swear that that was the problem, since I chose to continue the topical, but thats what I'm going with. I wish I could post a picture. 😞

  • 0_1471925970823_image.jpeg

  • Looks like yeast infection

  • I'm sorry. Yes, that's Scarab's yeast infection. I figured out how to post the picture. Thought it might help to see what it looked like.

  • My Teddy had/has what I would call a rash as well. My vet said it is an allergy (he does occasionally lick his paws also) - at first he thought it was a food allergy but it would go away when the spring rains came. It appears to be related to molds and dust mites instead. I give him salmon oil (not the pills but the real oil), freeze his kibble, regularly clean his blankets etc., and give him oatmeal shampoo baths when it really acts up. I also use dermacton cream if his skin gets too dry. We seem to have it under control.

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