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I'm sorry. Yes, that's Scarab's yeast infection. I figured out how to post the picture. Thought it might help to see what it looked like.

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I don't know if any of this will help or not, but my old dog Raven was actually allergic to fish. It made him itch all over, especially his feet. His was getting really pink and irritated and he had a lot of dandruff. My vet gave him supplements that consisted mainly of salmon oil. His stomach turned bright red and he started itching like crazy. Took all fish products out of his diet and the rash and dandruff cleared up.
My girl Scarab has a rash/ dark discoloration in her groin area right now. I tried to upload pictures but I'm technologically challenged and it says they are too big. My vet took a skin scraping and found yeast. She put Scarab on a topical mousse (Phytovet CK) which is mainly chlorhexedine. After a week the discoloration was spreading to her neck. I went over everything I was feeding her and the only problem I could come up with was one of the foods had brewers yeast in it. Although I had been feeding the food to her semi regularly, I had recently been using it as my go to dry dogfood. After only a couple of days off the food, I started to see an improvement. I can't swear that that was the problem, since I chose to continue the topical, but thats what I'm going with. I wish I could post a picture. 😞

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Yes, you are absolutely right.

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Ummm…I will post pics and share after Saturday. I want my pick. x)

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Yes, I did. There could have been more done, but there was really a fair amount. I felt comfortable in that respect. But I felt uneasy enough to keep researching her. I knew I wasn't going to be getting a show stopper but I hoped it would be happy and healthy. I admit that I moved too quickly, but I also knew that if I found something wrong I could always back out. There wasn't anything concrete. Some was heresay, and it was an old thread. But things kept adding up. Then, with the puppies only being 6-1/2 weeks old, I saw her ad:
Bambi is an AKC tri basenji. She has recently had
her last litter and has been spayed. She wants to
be a true lap dog. She has only been outside
but uses a doggy door so she is trained with that.
She can get aggressive around other females but
may be calmer now that she is spayed. She
tended to act up the most when in heat as most
females do. Would prefer not to ship but would be
possible. She is up to date on rabies and boosters
and wormed regularly. Call/text for more pics and

I posted this because a couple of puppies were still available. It would be nice to stop people from buying from breeders like this. I told her I didn't want anything to do with buying a puppy from a person like her. I've been lucky enough to find a reputable breeder with some lovely pups available, and I'm going to check them out Saturday. Maybe I should have originally posted to the old thread but I thought people would be looking in this forum for puppies for sale and would see this.

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I found out that Candyce is her mother. I don't know if there are any legal issues about posting the woman's name here, but I wish someone else had when I was trying to find out about her. I eventually found the thread about Candyce and starting putting things together. The more I found out, the worse it got. Luckily I got my deposit back.

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I've been looking for a new puppy. I wanted to warn others of a possible puppy mill/backyard breeder situation in Caldwell, Texas. I was looking into buying a puppy from this woman. The bloodlines weren't fantastic but a fair amount of health testing had been done and that was what really mattered to me. But I was scanning the internet for hours at a time to try to find more about this woman's dogs. Her mother is a "breeder" too. Pictures of the both women's dogs were taken in the same set up. The mother posted a picture of a sire that was not a good example of the Basenji standard. The dog should not have been bred. The puppies were barely weaned and the woman had the bitch spayed and was putting her up for sale for $300. At the age of 4 this was this dogs last litter. I'm not sure how many it had but it was probably too many for a 4 year old dog. I don't want to name names here, but if anyone is looking at buying a puppy from the area of Ccaldwell, Texas, feel free to contact me.

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I'm looking at getting a puppy. I wonder if anyone has any pictures that they can post of Basenjis with excessive white on their heads? I've been scouring the internet and can't find any pics. I'm trying to figure out how the puppy will look when it gets older. Beautiful white collar but I wonder if the wrinkle will be lost in the white.

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It sounds like all of us with 10 week olds are having the same problem. Pretty sure we all have to just stick it out. I'm sure it'll pass. Scarab is doing the same thing. x)

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