• Our 3 year old male B gets us up everyday around 3:30am whining. I take him outside to pee. All he wants to do is mark. Doesn't empty his bladder. This started about three weeks ago. He is eating and pooping fine.
    Does anyone else have similar issues with their Basenji?

  • Get a urine test to rule out a UTI and exam for other issues. If those are clear, start taking him out and praising him every 2 hrs in the evening, cut off water at 8 pm, and tell him to go back to sleep sternly at 3 am.

  • I second what Debra suggests. One other possibility is that you've inadvertently changed his sleeping environment. Ours started exhibiting behavior similar to what you describe a couple months ago. Then one night it stopped when my wife put a pillow down on the floor, and Cosette slept on it. We then realized that we'd been throwing the pillow on the floor as an afterthought each night, but we had stopped as it got colder and we were leaving more bedding on the bed. The dog protested that we'd removed her "dog bed"! So yours may be making some similar protest about something you haven't thought of yet...

  • While it is mostly past breeding season for Basenjis, not all of them read the book..... Basenji males (regardless if neutered or not) know when it is breeding season. My first Basenji male, many years ago would cry for the entire month of October... both when he was in-tact and after he was neutered.

  • What Pat says makes sense to me. The fact that he marks when he goes out but doesn't need to empty his bladder might be significant.

  • Just as likely... could be bitch nearby who is in heat. Do you have close neighbors with bitches?

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