• Hello,
    This is the third time my female basenji is in season. First time when she was about 7 months last year in July, again back in May this year and now again in October. I have read that bjs are in season once a year (one of the reasons I like this particular breed), so is my female normal? Is that she is still young and her body is still regulating itself? Could it be the fact that a new neighbor moved by my house and he has a female that also became in season last May and precisely started again this past week? This is causing that my basenji male is going crazy too many times a year poor thing!

    thank you

  • There are Basenjis nowadays that have twice a year seasons so yours may be one. However it does happen that it all settles down later and she might then have only once a year.

    One of mine has two seasons every now and again for no reasons that I can tell. Mostly it is just the once. So sorry, I can't predict but you might look into her antecedents and find out if her mother/grandmother etc were twice a year in season. It can run in families.

  • not all basenjis read "the" book. My Zest! came in season twice a year for years. I told her not to! I spayed her before her spring season when she was 5 as I decided I really wanted more of a performance dog and she'd finished her Ch.

  • Is there a reason you don't just spay her?

  • There have been a few lines (bloodlines) in Basenjis that have had 2 seasons a year. Kathy Britton's Khanis Basenjis comes to mind… I think that they have reverted back to once a year, but for a while, hers were having 2 seasons a year... As said, some don't "read" the book

  • Thank you all for your answers. Let's see what happens with my female…
    The reason why I have not spayed her is because I am still showing her, unfortunately at a slow pace and not as often as I would desire, but trying our best...
    By the way, I am lost when you are mentioning about 'reading the book'. What is that?

  • The book that says they only come in season once a year. 😉
    just sort of a saying.

  • Hahaha! I thought it was kind of a lineage/ breeding book 😃

  • At least now I know that my bj is not the only case, but I do hope she can become "normally" in season only once a year

  • I have to be honest, I was GLAD Sayblee finished her championship fast, not just for the expense but the heats. SHE was fine, but my male rottie HOWLED all night long. Okay not ALL night… every 30 or 40 mins he would seemingly get exhausted, pass out, nap a bit then start again.

  • Usually if they start off with two seasons a year, they stay that way.

  • I am thankful that my girls are consistant with the once a year cycles. I honestly do not know how breeders of other breeds that cycle twice a year handle it. I think I would go mad!

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