• Has anyone dealt with a split heat cycle?

    My 13 month old had her first cycle at Christmas at 6 months old and started another one a month ago at 12 months.

    The first cycle followed like text book but this time after 16 days of bleeding it stopped abruptly without seeing the signs of ovulation that I saw last time.

    It's been about 3 weeks since and in the last couple of days she is off her food in the morning and licking herself again, which she did at the start of the cycle, so wondering whether she's about to have the second part soon.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I read it's more common in younger dogs.

  • It happens, this is really nothing new with Basenjis.... not uncommon for bitches... and nothing new for older bitches either...

  • Sometimes seasons take several cycles to settle down. This is nothing to worry about, just another reason why you should let nature take its natural course and not spay a bitch before it has, and you know she is hormonally fully mature. By which time you will probably have found there is no need to, anyway, because keeping her safe from the boys is no big deal

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