• I think Peggy may be going into heat. She is 6.5 mos old (DOB: 10/23/2010).
    My neutered male has been trying to hump her for days, and today Corin (4.5 mos old) started trying to hump her. Katie, our spayed female, has also been trying to lick her vulva.

    Is it possible for her to be going into heat in the spring as a first heat?


  • Yes, some will have a "puppy heat" at about 6 months of age.

  • Does this heat usually last as long as a "regular" heat? As I have not had an intact female, I don't know.

  • Yes, at least two of mine had heat just after six months…but she also might have a UTI or a little vaginitis. A lot of times the boys will start being interested/confused when the smell changes. My boys are never interested until a many days after the bleeding has started. And on their first heat, it seems like the girls bleed FOREVER until the boys take it seriously. But that has just been my experience...and not all that broad. If nothing changes, I would get her in to the vet for a UTI check.

  • What does the breeder say about the heat cycles of her dam or her line? If her breeder thinks this than is right on course with her dam/line then you'll just have to wait it out to see what transpires. If you notice a change in urination (frequency, pain) then a def. check with the vet to rule out UTI. As Andrea says, vaginitis can also be another rule in/out and can cause a lot of interest from the other dogs to her back side.

  • We haven't seen any blood yet, so we will make a vet appt.


  • Please let us know what he/she says…

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