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@debradownsouth I should add something interesting found in BCOA Health booklet.
When testing your basenji, TT4 and
FT4 must be analyzed in conjunction
with TSH. Basenjis typically have a
lower reference range for TT4 than other
breeds. Research conducted by the
University of Sydney found that basenjis
and some other sighthounds have lower
normal levels of TT4 than other dog
breeds (Seavers, A.; Snow, D.H.; Mason,
K.V.; Malik, R. 2008. Evaluation of the
thyroid status of Basenji dogs in Australia.
Australian Veterinary Journal: 11, 429-
434). Given the difficulty of accurately
measuring TT4 concentrations that
low, TSH level measures are essential
to properly assess thyroid function.
Otherwise, your basenji may be
diagnosed as hypothyroid by the standard all-breed normal range and be medicated for no reason.

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@debradownsouth Thank you, Debra! Otherwise she's fine, she's active, she's running a lot. And we cleaned her teeth in April and she's collecting plaque very fast. I have to brush her teeth regularly. Thank you very much for your answer!

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These are the numbers that I have ( if I got it right what you ask)
-Platelet- 530 (164-510)
-hematocrit - 0,60 (0,37 – 0,55)

lymphocytes - 17,7% (12 – 30)
urea - 2,56 (3,1 – 9,2)
alkaline phosphatase - 286 U/I (1 - 85)
ALAT - 82,4 (8 – 57)

And this is combined with the fact she's putting on weight and has a huge appetite and bad breath. I am very much concerned about her but the vets said there is nothing to worry about.
P.S. I know nothing about normal levels of thyroids for basenjis. Please, somebody help with information.

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Recently I made blood work for my girl. She's 4 y 9mo. I found some levels in her blood test are not at normal levels, but the vets just said nothing. And they really know nothing about basenjis. Here are the results which are not in normal levels for dogs:
-Platelet- 530
-hematocrit - 0,60

  • lymphocytes - 17,7%
  • urea - 2,56
  • alkaline phosphatase - 286 U/I
  • ALAT - 82,4
    And I checked her Thyroids too-
    -TSH - <0,005
  • fT4 - 5,35
  • fT3 - 2,2
    Cortisol - 45,3
    If anyone can make any comments or has any suggestions, I would be very grateful.

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