• I'm seriously considering buying a Basenji that both parents are probable carriers of Fanconi by DNA. I went through the nightmare of watching my first Basenji succumb to Fanconis early in 2004. This dog was bred by a very reputable breeder and the same goes for the Sire/Dam. What do you guys think the chances are that this one will come down with the Disease? I do know that he is a probable carrier by DNA. I don't want to subject myself or my kids to another heart break, Thanks for any advice!

  • Oh, I know your pain. I loved and lost a fanconi boy. This test is good. Myself, I still strip test my dogs every month. He isn't intact yes? so you don't have to worry about breeding..so it just a pet your thinking of having? I have a carrier. IMO, go for it.

  • I am sorry, but reputable and responsible may not be the same thing. IMHO, a RESPONSIBLE breeder doesn't breed 2 probable carriers.

    Are you saying he himself was tested as a probably carrier, or you ASSUME just a probable carrier? Unless he was tested, at the very least, insist on the testing and the official results. Frankly, I wouldn't pay money to a breeder who knowingly bred 2 carriers for love or money. Your dog that died in 2004 was almost certainly bred before testing could have guided the breeders. But that is no longer the case. I wouldn't care even it was an oops litter.

    Okay, maybe if it was oops.

    Nope, sorry, I still wouldn't do it. I just wouldn't. With both parents PCarriers, the risk the test was wrong on one of them or your dog would be too much for me to want to knowingly take on. With so many dogs available from Probable Clear/Clear sire and dam or Probable Clear/Prob Carrier, why take the risk?

    And for the record, I have a probable carrier rescue. I strip test my probably Clear and her. But yeah, if I had a choice, I'd have BRAT test all dogs. It's an ongoing debate between BRAT and myself and I am making no headway–just upsetting myself when I think about it.

  • He is closer to 4 years old. His parents were bred in 2007 before the test was availible. He has been DNA tested as probable carrier. We're just looking for a heathy pet.

  • I would absolutely purchase a dog that DNA tested Fanconi carrier as a pet. The chance is very, VERY slim that he will come down with Fanconi. You could always request another test before you decide to purchase him; that would eliminate the possiblity of a human error in the testing process.

  • I agree. My Wheat is a carrier. I expect to live a long life with her. I know you will with your b as well.

  • Andrea, I think that is really the perfect idea– I cannot imagine 2 tests messed up and I'd also feel pretty darned confident it would not develop Fanconi.

    I have to add though, considering you have already been through it once, if you love this dog, get it. If not, no one would blame you for looking for a dog that tests probable clear or from at least one clear test parent.

  • Thanks so much for the friendly advice, we had a chance to spend some time with him this weekend and he has a wonderful personality and disposition. It turns out he has been tested twice and both times the result was the same (probable carrier). We decided to take him, and we'll get him at the end of August after he gets "fixed". we are very excited and can't wait to bring him home. Thanks again to everyone, your advice has really helped! I'll post some photos next month

  • Well, I'll certainly be waiting for the pictures… and the stories... and.... 🙂

    The advice given about strip testing monthly is very good. If anything should develop, you will know you caught it as soon as possible. Kipawa is a companion dog from a clear/carrier breeding. We are going to start strip testing him when he turns 1.

  • Congrats on the newest member of your family!

    I have a Fanconi dog and part of the reason he has done so well is because strip testing caught it early. I'm sure your B will be fine and live a long, healthy life. Do post photos. 🙂

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