15 Year,9mo. Basenji - Seizures started 3 months ago

  • Does anyone have any experience with an older Basenji having seizures later in life? My male is 15 years and 9 months old. He's never had a seizure, or any major health issue before. However, he developed head tilt and a twitch 2 years ago. seizures began 3 months ago.
    His strength and spirit declines with each seizure and my heart is heavy to see a rapid decline. We have him on:

    1. Taurine supplements (3 months)
    2. Canna-Pet (Medical Grade Cannabis, 2.5 months)
    3. Gabapentin ( started 24 hours ago)
      (The above treatment list was recommended by our primary vet and neurologist)

    We saw some immediate improvement with the cannabis, but the results faded and we observed him to be in pain, so our vet suggested Gabapentin. After research, we agreed it was best. After his first dose (100mg), he had his second largest seizure.
    ~Any advice on Gabapentin would be appreciated.
    ~Feedback on Canna-Pet also welcome.

    Note: We have not had an MRI because our Basenji is aggressive and will not allow a needle anywhere near him. Additionally, we would not consider surgery if we found out he had a brain tumor. My main goal is to keep him comfortable.

    Thank you,

  • I had a female who seizured badly at 13 years old. We thought we would lose her. Vet gave steroid injections and it was touch and go for 24 hours. Tests suggested a brain tumour although it was never confirmed.

    My vet suggested Prednisone and we put her on that. As she improved we weaned her off. When symptoms redeveloped we medicated again then again weaned her off. This was repeated several times and she lived to just short of 16 years old.

    Might be worth a try, although there are significant side effects to the drug. Good luck!

  • I had two basenjis, a female and a male, not related, that started having seizures in their senior years. Because of their ages I opted not to do a lot of testing. We treated the first one to have them with potassium bromide for a while, but stopped because it only provided minimal relief and the side effects weren't worth it. The other dog we didn't treat. Other than a period of disorientation immediately after the seizures there didn't seem to be any other lasting effects. They lived to be 18 & 17 years old, but I probably aged a few years from those experiences!

  • I am sorry about your dog. I have never had a dog with seizures, but hopefully the posts above will help and others with more experience will post.

  • @eeeefarm Thank you very much. I will explore the option.

  • My Gretchen is 12 and had her first seizure a month or so ago.
    She takes 1 tablet 3 times a day. They must be 8 hrs apart.
    Levetiracetam 250 mg
    The vet told me the med comes in a ' time release' form but the dog has to be over 30 lb to get it.
    My life is such that I can give her a pill at 8 am
    4 pm and midnight.

    She has taken this since, and has had no problems. and no seizures.

    I guess with the other med, sorry can't remember the name, there would have to be blood tests to check her liver (I think) function.
    I opted for the safer drug

  • Our 7.5 year old began with grand mal seizures uncontrolled other than my IV Versed and was in hospital for 36 hrs. Began on oral Keppra and Phenobarbital and was controlled for 24 hrs but they returned. During the first episodes, she became blind in one eye and decreased vision in the other and was restless on the meds. Poor baby began to have seizures again and we felt it kindest to put her down though there is a huge hole in our hearts.

  • @Darcy I am so sorry. 😞 That had to have been so sudden and hard.

  • @DebraDownSouth thank you.... yes the light and air was removed from our lives that day. Tomorrow will be one month. She was THE BEST!!

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