• Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions. She is due for another appointment today, so I myself am waiting for an up date. Thanks again.

  • I'm so sorry to hear about Cinnamon. I hope your vet can help with the problem. You have already had good advice with which I agree but I had to reply as it hurts me to see a beloved oldie suffering.

  • Small update: The vet explained that Cinnamon has a brain tumor. He has given my parents medication but says that over time the condition will over take the medication. Not the diagnosis we wanted for our girl, but at 16 she has had a very full life and I'm told she is receiving obscene amounts of pampering… Just wish I could be there.

  • Oh dear, too bad it isn't just "old dog seizures". Hopefully she will respond to the medication and have more good time with your parents.

  • I'm so sorry to hear this 😞 I hope Cinnamon will respond well to the medication!

  • Thanks for the update Lauren, i'm sorry about the diagnosis.
    Is the tumour caused by cushings syndrome, my cousins dog was diagnosed a few years ago and he's still going.
    I'm glad to hear Cinnamon is being spoiled, at her age she's earned it 😉

  • It is never easy…. but when we can keep them comfortable with quality of life and then let them go when there is none, there is no greater gift.

  • I'm very sorry to hear of this Lauren. Very well said Pat!

  • I totally agree with the previous comments. What a shame that Cinnamon has a tumour to trouble her in her old age. My old boy had a tumour for two years and had no pain or bad symptoms with it , he died later but for another reason.

    Cinnamon is a good age but hopefully she'll have quality for the rest of it. I'm praying for her.

  • What difficult news to hear. But it sounds like you are all prepared to spoil Cinnamon and make her feel special. She will be very thankful.

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