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Thanks for all the replies! This Purina has been recommended by a breeder with +25 years of experience, so why would the corn or wheat in the formula be the reason of his potential allergies? Also we brought him home last July and only noticed this in the past weeks. We will definitely stop the weekly treats at day care to see if that changes the situation. Otherwise we have a scheduled visit on early May for a new shot. We will definitely bring this issue. Beyond this, he is happy and energetic pup!

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Purina Pro Plan With Probiotics Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula Dry. Recommended by the breeder. He has been fine for several months. The only change was ocasional treats at daycare twice a week.

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For about three weeks, Peaty, 1 yr old, has been licking his one paw, and his nose and certain parts of his legs are becoming pinkish. On top of that he’s being pickier about his regular food, he does not seem to be interested in finish the full plate in minutes like before.

One more pink area is under his neck, but we thought it was related to the collar, until we saw more pink areas.

Now, this has improved in the last week (eating better, less pink, but still some slight pink on nose)

Could it be allergies or food sensitivity to treats or something?

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