• The new Basenji I adopted three weeks ago has a brownish colored belly.
    I noticed the color has been fading a little. The previous owners never allowed the B in the house and she lived in fenced yard with a tool shed as her home.

    Saturday, after my B had a bath, the area turned red and looked rashed.
    Monday, I had my B examined by my vet. My vet said the brown color was due to hormone imbalance, that her gentile area seemed not to be developed well, and the redness was new skin growth. The vet said she could tell that the 10-month-old B hadn't been fed properly.

    If the brown belly doesn't fade, soon, the Basenji will be placed on a hormone support for a while. We have scheduled blood work.

    Has any one heard of this type of problem?

    Yesterday, I learned from the rescue coordinator that the previous owner fed the Basenji Pedigree and hadn't given the B heartworm medication.

  • I have never heard of the problem.

    Do you have pictures?

  • Sorry, no pictures. Have you ever seen a brown stomach on a Basenji?

    The B was purchased for $500 by the previous owner's son. That is inexpensive for a registered Basenji, don't you think?

    The little girl's eyes are very slanted, too, and I've not seen that before, either. She is extremely friendly, very sweet, and not the slightest bit snarky, nor is she fearful.

    I'll keep you up-to-date on the brown belly and what the vet determines we should do.

  • I have never heard of that eitherā€¦. but then again... since she was a rescue with unknown information... you never know....

  • Can you send us a photo of the b and then the "affected" area?

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