• So I just got my new puppy late Wednesday night, and then took her to the vet yesterday for her health check. It was quite obvious she was full of worms since her belly was so ridiculously swollen. The vet did her fecal exam and called back today saying she was also positive for giardia. The breeder claims to have wormed her every two weeks except this week. Should she be this bloated and wormy from 4 previous wormings? He also said he gave her shots at 4 weeks, 6 weeks, and 8 weeks, The vet said all that seemed unusual and excessive for the shots and that it was weird she would be this bloated from all the wormings. Other than that he said she looks fine. How easy is it to get giardia from the infected pup? I have kids and I'm a bit worried about them getting the parasite. I'm off to the vet to pick up her meds for giardia.

  • And who did you get you puppy from? I am going to guess that it was a less than responsible breeder. And YES, way excessive on shots, (and honestly, not to be believed, IMO along with the worming claim), 1st shots are at 8wks, never 4 weeks.

  • To me this sounds very strange that a puppy of that age should be so full of worms if she has had her worming medications. Hopefully now your vet will remedy that by giving you the appropriate worming medication. Untilk the Giardia is cleared up I would make sure that all of you follow strict hygienic practices. I have been advised that it is easily transferred between humans and animals.

    If your puppy has been wormed it's possible that the preparation didn't cover Giardia - not all do, not here in the UK any way.

  • The breeder may not have been giving the right worming medication especially for Giardia. It sometimes can be difficult to diagnose as it will not always show up in a stool sample. I use Panacur for treatment. You will need to pick up the stools after your dog. If you have another dog, you should give it medication also.

    Who did you get your pup from? Did the breeder give you the vaccination records? How old is your puppy?



  • I think according to what was written in the first post, the Giardia is a "addition" to other worms.

  • My black whippet developed giardia a few days before we picked her up. Her breeder had her on the meds and she was fine by day 4 when we picked her up. She never had worms. The vaccination schedule seems strange to me. Keep an eye on her to make sure she does not get dehydrated as she will have diahrea for a while. You should let your breeder know ao he can get the other puppies tested and treated

  • I got her from Rock Creek Kennel. Yes he gave me the shot records and it had all the workings he did too. She finished up her giardia medicine and started her heartworm meds when she first went to the vet. He put her on science diet puppy kibble which she seems to like ok. Her swollen belly is gone and her stool seems pretty normal now. She's really thin though. When I brush my hand down her back I can feel her bones really easily. I don't know how to describe it too well. Ive been feeding her according to the package instructions, and she also steals scraps from the kids on a daily basis. Should I increase her kibble or maybe switch her?

  • This Rock Creek Kennels?


    "Our puppies come to you with a complete set of shots that we give (at 4,6, and 8 weeks of age) and worming removal (every 2 weeks from the age of 2 weeks old)."

  • Dan… that sounds really 'off'!

    Puppy - I know that when I take Kipawa to the vet, a sticker (from the bottle of the vaccine) is put on the paperwork in his file. Is this the information you were given? Maybe you can ask Rock Creek if they use a vet for the shots and who that is. Call them and see what happened. If the breeder gave the shots there might not be a way to prove it.

    Basically it really might be a moot point by now, and not worth the energy. I would prefer to put that energy into being with your pup and loving it. Just use your own vet to keep your new puppy happy and healthy.

    BTW, have we seen pictures of your new little cutie? (HINT!) 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    I have heard of that Rock Creek Kennel. They used to be Thunder Ridge in Wyoming, Iowa until they were basically shut down by the USDA (dcmclcm4 first brought them to my attention here). Since then, they've also come under scrutiny of Shiba people, since that is one of the many breeds they sell. You can see pictures of their facilities on their Facebook page, which makes it pretty evident that they are a volume breeder.

    Your breeder is not going to be of help. I agree with Fran – work with your vet to nurse your pup back to health, because that is the most important thing now. When you get a chance, I would also recommend ordering a DNA test kit for your pup to test for Fanconi, since this breeder has been known to be less than truthful about his health testing practices.

  • What is the name of the breeder of your dog? Do you have the name of the sire and dam and a pedigree? I have been researching who this Rock Creek Kennel belongs to and where the kennel obtained the breeding dogs from.

    Curyltails, I saw a posting online that these were the same kennel and it was not from me so I am not sure if this is the same person or not. The owner of the Thunder Ridge Kennel is Howard "Buzz" Powell and at one time had Basenji rescue listings on Petfinder. That is how I found out about him! I have been trying to track down what happened to some Bs that were sold at an auction from Richard and Rheda Kreger of Happy Paws Kennel in Jetmore, KS. This auction was held on October 11, 2008. Does anyone have a B from this breeder/kennel and have a pedigree or the name of the sire and dam? I believe those dogs were APRI registered. Does anyone have a B from Thunder Ridge Kennel and have a pedigree or the name of the sire and dam?


  • First Basenji's

    Jennifer, sorry if I did not phrase what I meant to say clearly, in my frustration – I just meant that you were the one from whom I first learned of Thunder Ridge in Iowa, via a link you had posted here on the forum about an investigation following the March 2010 bust. But I did not mean to say that you claimed that they were the same owner. I got this information through Rock Creek's FB page, where you will find photographic evidence.

  • Her sire and dam are listed on the papers as Amanda and Chase. I don't have her actual akc papers because he said he doesn't give them till after the dog is spayed. Whomever I spoke to from there was going by the name David.

  • I hope things are getting better with your little girl. I went back through the posts and can't find her name - would love to know it! If you haven't named her yet, I am thinking 'Hope', because you are giving her a lot of that. 🙂

  • There is a dog named Chase in the Basenji Pedigree Database with a DOB of 2/13/06 but with no registration information. I do not know if this is the same dog though. There is a littermate listed. His parents are APRI registered. There is no pedigree information after this! When you receive the pedigree information, please let us know.

    If anyone has a dog whose information, is not in the Basenji Pedigree Database, please send the information to Sally Wallis at sally.wallis@btopenworld.com and it is especially important for dogs who are not AKC registered! There is no way to obtain this information through any database as APRI, ACA, UABR, etc. do not have an open pedigree database where one can search. Only the registered owner can order a pedigree from these companies.


  • 1st off we are NOT or NEVER have been Thunder Ridge Kennel from Iowa. If you don't know what you are talking about then you should keep Quiet. I have been in Meriden, KS for almost 16 years. Do NOT group me with that Kennel. Also We have never gotten anything from this customer saying her puppy had worms. This is the first we are hearing about it. Its funny her health check that was gotten3 days after she got her puppy the Vet stated thet puppy was heath and in good shape. No where on the Vet paperwork did it say the puppy had worms. Yes, we give shots at 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks. The 4 and 6 weeks are a booster shot and for parvo. We worm every 2 weeks with pyratel. Its funny this customer can come on here and say stuff but NOT contact us. My phone is on 24/7. We have never gotten a call or an e-mail. Hmmmmm something sounds funny here. Thats ok. Come on here and bad mouth us. That is fine. It just shows what kind of person you are. Yes, we raise Shibas, Basenjis and a couple other breeds so what. We love the breeds. There is nothing wrong with raising several breeds. We take great care of our dogs and our puppies. All of our Puppies come with a Lifetime Health Guarantee and its been that way since 2004. We take pride in our Kennel. You can bad mouth us all you want. Get your facts straight is all I care about.

  • Rockcreekk do you do the proper health testing for your B's before you breed them? DNA testing for Fanconi and eye certification, along with thyroid and the numerous other tests that should be ran before you decide to breed two dogs? This was one of the questions that was asked in this forum. I don't believe a Lifetime Health Guarantee only should be applied to this breed, or any for that matter. I just hope you are a responsible breeder and test appropriately.

  • Why do you think a Lifetime Health Guarantee Should NOT be given to this breed or any Breed?? I do. I feel ANY Breeder should stand behind there dog for at least 10 Years. If you bred the dog and it has a Genetic Defect that doesn't show up till age 5 or when ever why should the Customer Have to pay for that. It should fall back on the Breeder. We Strip test but are going to DNA Test This Year. In 16 Years we have NEVER Had a puppy show up with Fanconi. We keep back 1 to 2 puppies every year so We would know if there is a problem. Plus we stay incontact with our Customers. Yes, to the Naked eye and to the Dumb people out there that judge a book by it cover it looks like we have alot of dogs. But in fact we only have 10 Basenjis, 20 Shiba Inus, 5 English Bull Dogs, 9 Boston Terriers, 15 Westies and 4 Bull Terriers. And 8 of those dogs are our House Dogs. Plus its not just me and my partner taking care of the dogs. We have 3 Full Time Employees and 4 Parttime Employees. We take our Kennel Very Serious and NONE of our Dogs are raised in Cages and If our Vet says our dogs needs something its done. He is the one who set up the Worming and the Shots. Not us.

  • So you are saying that you have 63 dogs and all of them never have lived in a kennel? I did not state that a Lifetime Guarantee does not need to apply to any breed. But in conjuction with that there should also be proper health testing done on ANY breed. And I can't really believe that you are doing the proper health tests with all 63 dogs. Fanconi testing is just the tip of the iceberg on Basenjis. I also asked about Certification for Eyes, because if you do breed responsibly then you know that Basenji's are prone to PPM, PRA and other genetic eye diseases that can be bred awaay from. How can you honestly say that you keep in contact with every owner who picks up a puppy? If 1/3 of your dogs have a litter every year and each say, has around an average of 5 puppies that puts you at having 105 puppies a year. Not including 'accidental' litters. Now lets multiply that by the average vet visit at 80 dollars a dog (and that is on the low end) puts it at around $8400 dollars a year for puppy vet bills only. Plus the $5040 for a year check up for all 63 other dogs. Tell me….how is it NOT possible that you are running a puppy mill??

  • Sounds like a mill to me, clearly the fact that you only strip test when the linkage test has been around and now the direct test Is as stupid as it sounds in writing- and that's just the basic test, not to mention eye, hip, thyroid. That many dogs is ridiculous/ how do properly socialize all these dogs? I doubt you participate in any events or shows with your dogs because they're probably not AKC registered nor would they stand up to the quality of other "quality breeders". Don't even begin to tell me your dgs aren't kenneled because I bet most if not all are unneutered, And with that many dogs and breeds you must always have a dog in heat and have to have a way to keep them away from the populous! If I was the owner I'd have reported you and never contacted you again, what for? For you to tell them more bull****… You're in it for profit.... You produce less than adequate dogs for less than educated people about operations you run. Luckily there are people on this forum to help this person get their puppy on track and pick up the slack for you on your lack of testing. Good for this person to just move on from you and not stay in it... Your posts make you like a fool as do your defenses of the operation you CLEARLY run

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