• So we just got our little lady from the Humane Society today. They wouldnt treat her for Ring worm and not exactly sure if that is what she has but they were pretty sure that is what it is. they were going to put her down cuz they didnt want to treat it!! ugh!! well we got her… I cant get her into a Vet till Tuesday do to the weekend and the holiday on monday... Do you have any suggestions between now and then for her skin problem?? I know it can be spread to Humans very very easy. there are spots a few on her head and most of them are near her rear but on her back and it just looks like fur is missing and its very very dry, a few are red... I am def. getting her treated asap, but i didnt know if there was anything I could do before then. THANKS 🙂

  • Well, for starters, thanks for helping out the shelters and their unwanted pups. Second, don't let her lick them at all, and a little bit of tea tree oil can be helpful, but you will still need to get to the vet.

    We are photo addicts here, so we always welcome new photos of everyones little furry loved ones. (and others as well)

  • Are you sure it is ring worm, sounds more like Mange. There are two different kinds of mange and the Vet needs to do a skin scraping.


  • Im not sure what it is I am just going by what they told me at the Humane Society. We are getting her seen on Tuesday either by our vet or a vet that goes to one of the pet stores here cuz I want to get her treated asap! i will have to take a few pictures later and post them on here.

  • I think sarcoptic mange is easier to treat than ring worm, but the other kind is harder. I also am understanding it as most heart-worm meds have ivermectin which treats and helps prevent mange, so that'll help in the future.

  • I would avoid any over the counter treatments until you know exactly what she has.
    Do keep us posted.

  • thank you everyone… i have noticed that she isnt really scratching at where the spots are but she is keeping the area around it very clean. i just wish the vets were open tommorow ugh!!! dang holidays lol. i havent gotten a chance to take pictures of it yet since she was playing with my son most of the day. she is loving him sooo much.

  • well i couldnt find a good vet in the small yucky town to get her into until 3 weeks from now. So my last resort was to take her to this vet that has a little clinic at a local pet store here on tuesdays. All he did was look at her and told me he dosent think it is ring worm but some parasite but def not mange and gave me some liquid i am suppose to put on the spots until they are gone and to take her back in 2 weeks. So… I am going to get her into the Military vet we use as soon as they can which is about 3 weeks to get it checked again.

  • It doesn't sound like you have the best on call vets in town, but hey, they usually know what looks like ring worm and mange. Do you know the name of the liquid you were given?

    I hope you well, and that it goes away soon. Hopefully by the time you go to the regular vet, it will just be to make sure everything else is good.

  • Yeah we dont live in the greatest town, i wouldnt be here if i had a choose, dang military. ugh… i dont but i will look and get back to you on the name of the liquid

  • Hopefully the clinic vet was correct and the liquid stuff will work as long as you follow the directions - at least until you can get into the military vet (and I would bet s/he would be really good).

  • Sounds like Sierra Vista?

  • @Kebasmom:

    Sounds like Sierra Vista?

    kinda like that, we are in yuma, southwest corner of Arizona

  • Sorry it took so long to get back, ive been busy and sick yuck. this is the liquid conzol lotion 1% i was told to put it on once a day till its gone, well its almost gone and she still has the spots!

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