Hairloss on blackening ears and brown belly

  • Hi everyone,

    anyone ever had these skin problem on his Basenji ?
    Couple of month ago she started to lose hair at the edge of her ears. Now it's going almost to the middle of the ear.
    alt text
    alt text

    Also last year she started to have some brown on her belly. Seem to be some kind of fungus cause i was able to stop it with some Canestin. However even if it doesnt smell, the brown just wont go away. It doesn't seem to bother her. As you can see on the image it always stayed in that region.
    alt text

    Last time i went to the vet they didnt know and they wanted me to start doing some allergy test that could have cost a lot. But now i think if i have to i will because i dont want her to lose all of her hair on her ears.

    Let me know if you can !

    Thank you

  • My girls used to have some seasonal hair loss on the edges of their ears which may have been an allergy, but it didn't continue. Perhaps someone else has some experience with this....

  • Did they scrape the spots to rule out fungus or mites? Cara gets the brown on stomach.. it is fungal and we use a shampoo and ointment for it. She hasn't lost ear hair though.

  • @DebraDownSouth, when you say they you mean Vet ? If so no they didnt do anything unfortunatly. however i was using some Canesten which seem to help but not fixing the entire problem

    For the ears, it's started less than 2 months ago. shes not scrathcing or anything, im trying some Canesten on the ear as well, so far too soon to see the result.

    But i guess ill try some shampoo to see if it help. If it doesnt help ill go to the vet again

    Thank you

  • Yes, by they I meant the vets. That's too bad they didn't scrape. They could have told if mites, fungus, etc. The Canesten won't hurt, and if fungus should help.

  • @tonyzz said in Hairloss on blackening ears and brown belly:

    I would say Yeast infection on the belly. I have not see the black on the ears, but they (vet) should at least do a scrapping

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