• Wanted to update you on my basenji's ear rash problems! Her ear flaps had turned black, tiny bumps appeared, edges & tips became crusty & sore. After 18 months of stupid vet visits, lots of money & meds, the 2 vets knew nothing. I did lots of research & tried many remedies, which sort-of worked, but not totally. I finally found a dog dermatologist. He said it was Vasculitis wherein blood vessels constrict & affected parts, starting with ears, begin to wither away from lack of blood & oxygen. Said it was from rabies shots. Said reactions usually appear 1-3 months after rabies shots. He said stop using the vet's meds asap! Then he prescribed Gengraf oral tabs 25mg. I researched Dog Ear Vasculitis, & seems like he's right. Anyone ever heard of Ear Vasculitis?

  • Whew - glad you finally found out what was happening and hope your beasty is all okay now.

  • hi
    i haven't logged in in awhile but i think chilli has that ear rash problem. at the beginning is it lumpy and hard like a pimple?

  • I'm sorry, I didn't know your message was here. To answer you, it begins in many ways. Lumpy, red, or black. Then black inside and along the ridges. This worked for me, in this order. I did it in steps, as Victoria gets wild. Day 1: Massage
    Epi-Optic ear cleanser (vet) for dogs, cats on inner and outer ear surface, then squirt some down ear canal. Later, bathe with Malaseb Shampoo for dogs(EntirelyPets.com). Leave it on for the entire 10 minutes. ( I shampoo the ears the next day) Keep both products out of eyes. Day 2-3: Foam up the Malaseb Shampoo on on inner and outer ear surface, but not in ear canal. Leave on 10 minutes. Wipe off with wet rag until clean. Repeat every 2 weeks or so until it's gone. If it later comes back, repeat the above. I do the whole cycle 5 times a year. Works for us.

  • I have same problem with Obi , same symptoms and diagnosed as vasculitis . He is on meds x 3 weeks now and will take him to the vet for follow up next week . I tried to get ear muffs for him to somehow protect his ears from the cold but Obi just find ways to take it off . Medication is a pill called PENTOXIFYLIN ER 400 mgs .I give 1/2 tab 2x a day . I r said doesn’t work right away , take 1- 3 months . I wish I can do more for him . Do you know of better ear muffs? We r getting lots of snow here in Maryland and he just loves to be outdoors. Help!!!!

  • @obi1 said in Ear Rash. Dog Ear Vasculitis:

    Do you know of better ear muffs?

    Obi, I saw a funny looking knitted cap that might fit over Basenji sized ears on etsy.com. I think it would help prevent the ear edges and tips from becoming frostbitten. The shop seems to focus on Cats, but the owner appears to be willing to do special orders. Worth a try....

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