• Basenji and rashes

    Cali just started to get these little red lumps all over her belly….taken her to the vet tomorrow.

  • Poor Cali, I hope everything is okay. Keep us posted on what the vet says.

  • Basenjis seem to have sensitive skin. One of ours often had rashes as you're describing when he was young. Twice we had to take him to the vet. A couple shots and prescription Benadryl cleared them up. The vet said we could use children's Benadryl as soon as we saw any signs. It also helped with a few wasp stings. You may want to ask your vet about doing the same. If so they can recommend a dosage. Good luck.

  • I recently noticed redness around one of my B's neck & I thought it was the chain choke that might be irritating it so I stopped using for a couple of days. Then he developed 3 red bumps (they look like human zits). Not sure what this is?? Any thoughts?

    Maybe I should switch to nylon choke ?

  • Cali had the same thing…so I took her to the Vet on Sat.......they said it was common for puppies.

    so they gave me Clavamox for the lumps...twice a day
    also Hydroxyzine for the itching 1 tablet 8-12 hours as needed...

    and this shampoo Chlorhexiderm Shampoo....2-3 days aweek

    thats all the info I have..and will let you all know on how things go with that......cause i was going to try Benadryl.

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