• Hi guys!
    Curious if any of your B's have had this? I noticed one red bump under one of her armpits and I thought it was a little bug bite maybe. Over about a week it slowly became a rather flat red rash… with maybe a bit of lump ... but not much. I notice now that she is licking it a lot and scratching it with her hind feet! Now.... it's under the other armpit. Nowhere else for now. I tried to read a bunch online on other dog forums and it sounds like the foldy skin under their arms can be sensitive to rashes - and commonly allergies. To my knowledge she hasn't had anything new to eat ... when we walk she doesn't go to the bathroom during the walk ... and she didn't lie on any surfaces. She doesn't have a harness, nor does she spend a lot of time in the sun or heat. I did read that apple cider vinegar applied with a warm cloth can help - and leary about just putting on our kiddos hydrocortisone cream for fear of her licking that. I also don't want to just giver her children's benedryl either without a vet's permission. (Although when she was stung by a bee... and a bark scorpion (yeooowch! she was fine thankfully !!!!!) ... they said it was safe for a small specified dosage. Obviously we'll be getting her to a vet when we can here soon - but in the meantime - has anyone experienced this or knows what it is... and what sort of treatment was helpful? 🙂


    PS she is 10 months old ballpark and has been spayed as well. Otherwise happy and healthy. 🙂

  • Benadryl should be fine to give. I have given my dogs Childrens Benadryl (liquid) when they have had bug bites. Just ask the vet or a pharmacist about dosage.

  • Benadryl is safe even for 8wk old puppies and that is the adult size. And I have given it for years with no problems.

    What are you feeding? If not a bite of some kind, I would look to food allergies… or pollen allergies

  • I had a b/w B that had this problem for many years. She was allergic to fowl. She would get this big red itchy bump right in the arm pit. Started as a puppy then disappeared for some years then came back at at around 10-11. The hydrocortisone cream would help. It was a frustrating issue. She would get itchy small bumps on the inside of her ears too. Poor thing she'd just get so itchy.

  • Thank you so much for your thoughts and info! Update – I tried the hydrocortisone cream that I had for my toddler's rashes - and by that evening it was like the redness was reduced by at least half just from one light application. By the next morning it was reduced even more and I could see white skin, albeit a bit lumpy still, where there was red. Today the diameter of the affected areas is much much less. Hooray!! As for food, we used to give her Wellness brand puppy - but she had very very loose stools all the time despite being normal when tested for parasites etc. When we took her off of it we went to the Kirkland premium puppy food (which surprisingly ranked same ratings as Wellness on a healthy dog food advocate website.) And since then her stools have been picture perfect. We sometimes treat her with boiled turkey and rice sprinkled on top. She is 10.5 months now so we'll be thinking about transitioning at some point to an adult food. Will look to see about the fowl content. I heard that some B's are allergic to lamb as well? I can say this .... she is a picky eater. At feeding time no matter what food we tried she'll cruise by and glance at it... and look at us to say - yeah, I'll get to that later. Doesn't seem very food motivated, even with treats. What she does love - is a good fast game of fetch!! I have to upload a video of her and her fetching obsession. We read that B's don't seem to care for fetch before we got her - she didn't read that memo. I completely rambled off topic. sorry! Have a great night!! 😃 and thanks again!!!

  • @Hana:

    She is 10.5 months now so we'll be thinking about transitioning at some point to an adult food.

    Here's a link to many of the dry foods lots of folks on this list use. http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/dry/

    IMO, if you can afford the 5 star foods, go for it. Kipawa eats Taste of The Wild Bison formula and loves it! There's no grain or corn or 'meal' in it.

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