• First Basenji's

    Hi there my boy showed up with a dark stain inside the ear which seems to be growing in size. It doesn't hurt nor itch but when you touch it you feel the surface is a bit rougher than the other parts of the year which are normal. Ozzy lives unleashed and we have forests and wide open fields around where he runs and hunts like crazy, although he never catches anything 🙂 Any views on what could it be? Thank you!

  • A picture might be useful. Perhaps he scratched it on something or is having an allergic reaction to something he encountered? Is there any unusual moisture in the ear?

  • Picture would be helpful but also, basenjis can develop spots in their ears the same way they do on their skin

  • First Basenji's

    Thanks for your comments. All OK with the ear otherwise the dark stain. Hope you can see it from the picture attached. Let me know if you recognise it from previous experience. Kind regards, Ozzy.

  • Hard to tell from the picture, but is there any swelling at all? I am thinking possible bruise or ear hematoma. These can get quite large and dramatic, but can also be small and resolve on their own. I had one boy who was prone to them…..

  • Well, raising hand here. Arwen had the same. I could soak her ears with ear cleaner or mild vinegar and get some of it out. My vet said can be allergy related or yeast/fungus. Her inner ears not goo or red, just the ear skin turning black. It didn't seem to bother her at all but drove me nuts. I had someone tell me it is "leather ear" but they start losing hair with that, and she did not lose hair. She had this probably the last 3 yrs of her life.

    Since she had autoimmune problems and on steroids, I did wonder if that was related.

  • IMO this is just skin pigment… if it is not bothering her... would not be worried

  • The area surrounding it looks clear and appears to be normal so again, my opinion is that it's pigmentation of the skin causing "freckles"…Oakleys skin started off white as a pup and
    At five every time I turn around he has spots on the skin under his coat..I joke and call him "half Dalmatian"

  • @tanza:

    IMO this is just skin pigment… if it is not bothering her... would not be worried

    Except >> l the surface is a bit rougher than the other parts<< … which definitely fit Arwen's condition and was not just skin pigment changes.

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