• Hi there!

    Yesterday i take my female basenji to get vacc with a new vet.. and thats what happens:

    The vet glued a pair of bows to the base of Maca's ears, and it hurt them badly.

    My questions are:

    How can I remove the remains of the glue?
    What can I do to heal her?

    I'm going to take her to the vet again, but I don't trust this… moron anymore.

    Now she has skin with out hair..

    And iodine is good for basenjis?

    Thanks for you advices!

    And im a idiot.. i know.. 😞 i just think that was a product for dogs..


  • Depends on the glue. You can try some rubbing alcohol and then rinse with water. But if the skin is raw the rubbing alcohol will sting. If the skin is raw I would use neosporin or something similar on it. It may also help to take some of the glue off, again it all depends on the glue.

    If the skin is not raw just bare, I would put some vitamin E oil on it.

  • Thanks Ivos!

    "vitamin E oil" what kind of oil is this? buy on pharmacy?

    looks like i can cut with a little scissors the glue with the hair..
    what doo you think?

    Will have hair again?

  • I'm sorry but i don't understand, why on earth did the vet glue bows onto the Dogs ears?

  • You should be able to vitamin E where ever you would by vitamins. It is easiest to find in capsules but you can just cut them open and rub the oil on the skin.

  • @thunderbird8588:

    I'm sorry but i don't understand, why on earth did the vet glue bows onto the Dogs ears?

    yeah.. i have the same question.. even i was saying to the vet that my basenji dont use that kind of stuff.. but the moron was so fast!

    Im so angry…

    @Ivoss, thanks now i understand about the E oil.

    it happens that all the vets.. its their first time with a basenji...

    Now..about glue bows i think its for fun o some girly thing.. ..just i was not so fast to stop that.. i dont like its not natural and a basenji dont need that..but i was to slow.. :mad:

  • You must be angry, what an unprofessional way for a vet to behave. I would be sending them a bill for the vit E oil

  • IMO no dog should have bows glued to its body. If it is a long haired breed and the owner chooses to tie or clip bows on, fine. But never should they be glued on.

  • Can i cut with a scissors the ball of hair and glue? shorty hair..and leave the skin alone with the oil? i just washed but still remains the glue.

  • A lot of people with pugs glue their ears to make them settle correctly through teething.

    I think it is cruel and unnecessary as i have seen pictures of these poor pups with the skin ripped off their ears when the owners have pulled the ears open.. Why on earth a vet would glue bows to someone elses dog i cannot understand! That is madness… BUT, i would just bathe it in warm water until it comes off. I would be reluctant to put anything on the ears if they are sore.

    I know with the pugs the glue apparents wears off after a week or so.

  • I would want to glue a bow to that vet's ear…with a hot-glue gun.

  • Me too..

    One ear its almost free, the other has a cake of glue and hair.. i used some water and soap.. but looks the better not pulling.. so.. until have the oil (tomorrow) I left alone.. and dont want the maca's atention to her ears.. so she can wants to scratch..

    The sinks looks bare.. and dont want tear the glue with skin.

    Start to rain and its weekend.. so.. i cancel the trip with the vet..

    I dont have a car so i walk with maca to the vet.. looks like we walk more for another and no so dumb vet.

    In this city the cabs dont take rides with dogs on board.

    Thanks for the help.

    The same vet recomends omega in pills its ok? I use Equilibrium.

    He tell me that wants a puppy when Macas have..but in his dreams!

    First need to make fanconi test.. and just have one year.. im not in a hurry for puppies.

    But to me its not the worth to glue a bow.. with that result.. lame on me..

    thanks for the advices..

  • Oh, this is awful…glad you have one ear free. I agree, we should all meet at the vets with our glue guns ready.......

  • How about just a good old fashioned punch in the snoot? I know I'd feel better…

  • Re glue removal, could you use something that works on sap from trees?
    My husband has a hand cleaner, that seems to take sap off of skin. I would think it would work for dogs ears as well.
    It's called GOJO.. maybe something that works to take "sticky" off human skin will work for the ears? Just a thought.

  • First Basenji's

    I agree, the GOJO might work. It's definitely worth trying. And it should not hurt.

  • Im in Mexico, no Gojo, but google it: "instant hand sanitizer" and will try with something like that..

    Yap, one ear free, with no hair.. but i trust will grow again, right? the other ear has much more.. and no hair.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  • I wouldn't cut it off with scissors. Put the oil on, that will help and eventually the glue should wear off. Puppies tend to move and if you're not used to it the dog can get cut easily as well as you. And be careful with hand sanitizer-a lot of it has alcohol in it and it may sting on her ears. The hair will grow back again. Just takes a little bit of time.

  • Am I alone in thinking the world has gone mad? What on earth was the vet thinking of?
    I trust you'll be looking for another vet?

    I wnt add further advice on removing glue - you've been given lots of good advice. I hope

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