• O.k so the other day I noticed my B's ears were really dirty so I asked my husband to clean them. Then all of a sudden his ears were not dirty anymore and noone had cleaned them. He could not possibly clean his own ears, maybe from the sweat?..Any ideas, this is just too bazaar even for a Basenji. I mean his ears were black!

  • Sometimes they rub their heads & faces on towels or rugs or something soft to clean themselves. I find my dogs do this all the time on the bathroom terry cloth rug…they love cleaning themselves there 😃

  • Or maybe it was the Basenji Fairy 😃 😃 lol

  • Very very ear rie indeed.:eek: 😃

    Maybe he smuggled a B girlfriend in the house when you weren't watching.;)

  • actually now that u mention it, it was rubbing his face on my towel this week. They are so independent yet he loves the cuddle time.

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