• I dont know if im in right area but finally both of sandies ears stood up at 8 weeks now a week later one of her ears went drooppppppppppp … Is this something that happends in puppyhood ?? Do you think it will stand back up 😕 ...

  • It happens,

    We had a puppy that alternated ears which dropped back down. He finally had them both back up by 11 weeks.

    I do find that this is an indication of a large ear, not the nice neat small ones I prefer, and which are specified in our standard. The small ears tend to go up early, and stay up.

    I would not fret too much about the larger ear, the dog I mention above, finished his championship at a early age including Best of Winners at regional specialty, in spite of his large ears.

  • thanks Jumoke… i think she has rather large ears .. i posted a pic of her in picture section.. when her ears was erect... i talked to a vet nurse who comes in where i work and she said its nothing to get upset about.. the ears can do this several times... maybe a developing muscle shes not real sure why...

  • She looks fine to me. At that age a puppies' ears usually look a little disproportionately large for their head. And sometimes as they go through different stages of teething they will droop a little.

    I can't remember her story? Did you get her from a breeder, or rescue?

  • No my son found her in a trash pile crying.. so he brought her home… her ears were standing in the photos... one fell now the other has also fell ..she's a mix... we dont know her other origin.. just that the momma was seen and she looks just like sandie...but when they tried to take her back to momma dog they couldnt find her.

  • She’s definitely very basenji looking. The straight inside edge of her ears are indication of a larger ear size. We do see this in purebred basenjis. They will probly come back up. An Ibizan is a bred with large upright ears, I don’t think they will get that large. As for mix or purebred, you will probably never know. Basenjis are strong for their type, and often mixes look very much like a purebred. I would venture that she’ll look very much like a basenji when she grows up, which would allow you to be able to get a Limited Listed Privilege (ILP) number on her, if you would like to participate in Lure Coursing, Rally or Agility events. I Would not necessary be convinced she is a mix.

  • <_>

    I was thinking the same thing._

  • <_>

    Im not sure … she does bark... do the puppies bark ?? After looking at some of the puppies i also noticed her white isnt as crisp and heavy as most pictures ive seen..._

  • Sunny - Like you, my puppy was abandoned. 4 months later I discovered his breed. Hooking up with Basenji websites is quite a revelation. I'm so in awe with this breed. Knowing the puppies breed will help us become the best owners we can be.

    My boy Duke barks. He also grumbles and makes sounds like he's wanting to talk like Basenji's do. He's still young though (7 months) . . . I hope he develops and uses his sounds more as he grows up . . . They're much more pleasant than his bark. When I first read about this breed, I also had doubts because of his bark, plus his tail was docked. I emailed several pictures and was told that some Basenji's do bark and Duke is likely full-blooded. These websites helped to confirm his breed and I'm learning how to train, as you may have read, they're not like most other domestic breeds.

    All the best Sunny - you have a very cool puppy!

  • I'm going to go a little different route here, but only because this was already written in this thread. How would one go about getting a Limited Listing Priviledge IF one wanted to? Especially with a mix?

  • @2dogmom:

    I'm going to go a little different route here, but only because this was already written in this thread. How would one go about getting a Limited Listing Priviledge IF one wanted to? Especially with a mix?

    Well, the ILP numbers are supposed to be for dogs that appear to be purebreds, but there is no proof that they are. So unless a mix looked VERY much like the breed you are applying for, the AKC might refuse the request.

    I know someone that tried to get an ILP number for her clearly, mainly Australian Shepherd, and she was refused twice.

    There are registries and sporting eventsfor mixed breed dogs though…I think the UKC has a registry (?) and other agility groups definitely do.

    Good luck 🙂

  • Barking? basenji do bark, even the full africians will bark. As for the ears falling back down, my first basenji had rather large ears. His ears didnt go up till he was about 15 weeks old, so this is just something that will happen. Back to the barking stuff, basenji can and will bark, its just differnt than when domestic dogs bark. Most pariah dogs do not bark, because most of these live in tropical areas and are preyed upon by big cats that use the sound of a bark to find the tastey meal of a dog 😞 (favorite meal of big cats). Basenji live where there are leopards and some lions, both will feed on basenji.

  • You can go to the AKC website - www.akc.org - and look under Registration. They should give you all relevant info.


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