• I guess this is a question for breeders & judges.

    Are basenji's ears getting too big?

    It seems to me basenji's ears are getting bigger?

    I was looking at my book Basenji's Out Of Africa and the early imports seem to have smaller ears than what you see today?

    Our dog looks like yoda or Dobby from Harry Potter

  • The problem with the ears on the dog in the picture are that they are set to far down on the head… they should be set higher on the head. I don't think that the ear size is much different then the early imports (pre Avongara) just some lines are different then others... What I see most is that the ear "set" is incorrect. My mickii who has pretty large ears as a puppy looking really funny.. with the big ears... however because they were set proper, when she was mature you never notice the size...

  • Great article, that's exactly what I am talking about. Most basenji's today have large ears, that I have seen, for the most part.

    It is the same with ears. As the photo shows the old stock of nearly 30 years ago, all had
    small, rounded ears. It used to be described as "looking like a cat's ears when viewed from the
    back." This, alas, cannot be said of the present day stock, in fact, with some, a donkey's ears would
    be appropriate description. It has reached the stage when some breeders saw a dog with the orig-
    inal small ears and were amazed, feeling that the ears had been trimmed! In fact, they looked upon it
    as a fault instead of a faint ray of hope that small ears could be brought back.

    Her is our our dog's ears normaly, ears up

  • The dogs in the picture look so much wilder to me. I liked the smaller ears. also they talk about the dogs had short muzzles.

    Very cool pictures, thanks for posting the link.

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