• I am not sure if this was ever discussed…so please forgive me if it has been!

    I have noticed several times that Lillie (tri-colored) has pink skin surrounding certain areas of her body. This is not the case all the time. For instance, tonight she was laying on her bed and I couldn't resist laying next to her. I noticed pink around her mouth, the area down towards her nose and her belly. Is this normal? Also, her body felt very warm. She is acting normal..ha, ha! Just wanted to make sure this is nothing to worry about.

  • Normal 🙂 When they are all toasty the skin turns pink, and you can see it where the hair is sparse.

  • I hope it is cause my b also has pink areas.

  • Thank you, thank you. I feel much better knowing that her "pink skin" is normal. This site has been so helpful and educational to me…which in turn benefits Lillie. For that, I thank you!

  • Love that pink skin…!!!! it is so "kissable"!

  • yes this forum has helped me through alot of issues with my B from behavior to just mommy being alittle too worrisome.

  • Yes! When they are toasty warm and pink – they are so cuddly! I love it!

  • Also, if they've been scratching an irritation their skin will appear pinker as well.

  • @tanza:

    Love that pink skin…!!!! it is so "kissable"!

    You beat me to it!!! I totally agree!!!

  • Hollie even has a pink area on her nose that gets a deeper pink when she has been running and playing. Back in December she had an allergic reaction to something and the area on her nose was almost red in color.

  • watch your basenji at the vet. Caesar gets nervous and blushes. Belly, ears, nose turns pink.

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