• My 16 weeks old b has started to have small little bumps appear on her skin…I saw some the other day on her right thigh and now I see them on her forehead, belly, and sides...doesn't look like its bothering her as shes not itching at them and her behavior is normal in all aspects....is this some kind of allergy?

    I switch her food up and recently I haven't fed her the venison formula in a couple weeks and gave it to her for two meals last night....could it be that?

  • I would be guessing an allergy, but not necessarily a food allergy. Any changes in her surroundings, e.g. using a different detergent to wash something she lies on, upholstery cleaner, whatever? Can you take a picture and post it?

  • here are a few pics that I just took…

  • From the pictures, looks to me like flea bites…. Hard to tell for pictures... Didn't you just post that she was only 8lbs? Was this weighted by the Vet? She looks to be bigger than that by the pictures?

  • yeah…that was about 2.5 weeks ago, I'm guessing shes about 9-10lbs now?...I just put some frontline on her this morning as i haven't done that in a while so I'm guessing thats the case as you stated? Also, should I wash her bedding and stuff too? What should I clean / sanitize in my apt? And should i give her benedryl to help with the bites?

    I looked for fleas but I didn't really see anything...unless I'm just not looking hard enough or if htey are hard to spot..

  • Fleas aren't usually hard to spot on a Basenji, but they don't spend all their time on the dog, either. Do you have any other animals, e.g. a cat, that she is exposed to? Or have you taken her somewhere lately where she could have acquired fleas? Yes, wash the bedding and vacuum well for sure.

  • roommate has another dog, but he just got back to the apt an hour ago…she's been at my parents house with me since last tuesday-friday...I took her on a walk around the neighborhood yesterday but there isn't any tall grass around...some bushes and stuff but thats about it....I did wash her bedding and vacuumed the place today as well...

  • hello! (registered just for this 🙂

    it is hard to judge from these pictures, but i think ours had similar bumps (they kinda looked like mosquito bites). started with one/two but during couple of days they spread… after quite a quick look veterinarian said that it is allergy, and most probably allergy to grass (not nice if you are a dog). gave us some medicine (i think Medrol) so we gave him a couple of tablets and were good for a month, then it started again. and tablets. and good for a month... it got better in autumn and no problem now in winter (hoping that maybe next year he will outgrow his allergy)

    not sure it helped, but... if it doesnt get better, definitely visit vet.

  • 9-10lbs is still pretty small for that age

  • @tanza:

    9-10lbs is still pretty small for that age

    yeah…thats what I thought too but the vet said she looks healthy...shes just not a big dog...I feed are a lot too...almost double the recommended amount thats on the back of the package...

  • She looks bigger than the weight you described- Id have her weighed again to make sure it wasn't a scale error. I randomly bring oakley in to the vet and they let me put him on the scale then leave. As far as the bumps- they looked like flea bites to me…..it's always wise to bathe the pup before using topicals (especially at such a young age). Since you've alteady applied a topical, next step would be to wash and vacuum the whole house....I use a human live comb to comb through Oakleys fur since it's black, places like the tail and base of tail, underarms and head are hotspots to find them- if you still don't aee relief then I would go back to the bets because of it's something environmental then you need to adjust

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