Kamar pics and recall videos

Pobel come to me when I whistle, and for Kamar I use words. 🙂

Kamar outside recalled. 😉

Some pics. He even took a little dip in the little river with Pobel!

Wow, Kamar is really handsome. These are very nice pics! He sure came running didn't he and a nice reward too!

OMG ADORABLE!!!! I want a tri, they are super cute. Look at the little guy, how could you not love him.

oooooooo! sooooo cute!!!


He is one of the cutest Tri's I've ever seen…supercute.
Your pictures are so crisp and alive, love it!

Okay, I go down as a fan of Red and White basenjis. But I am easing up on my preferences because of your new puppy! And I concur with the comments about your photography… simply splendid! What camera equipment are you using?

Thank you, guys! He sure os a cute one - I agree. 😉 In these shots I used Canon 30D with a Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8. 🙂

Ohhh… he could get into a lot of trouble and it would be impossible to be mad at him. 😃

KAMAR in Indonesian Language means ROOM, like BEDROOM, BATHROOM, etc.


a d o r a b l e!!!!

Pobel is a beautiful dog…but I just LOVE Kamar!!!! What a little cutie he is!!!!!

He looks so precious!!!!

I bet he never gets into any trouble with that cute little face!!!!;)

I can't get enough of the Basenji photos! These are amazings. Your puppy is beyond adorable. Congrats!

gorgeous pup!

So cute…makes me want to bring home another puppy ^.^

Kamar is SO cute! That little face is the most adorable tri puppy face I've seen yet!

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