• Nicky has been not feeling perfect but today after about noon she really started becoming lethargic, had abdominal cramping (contractions) and vomited undigested food this morning. We went to my vet but he is on vacation and the sub just wouldn't listen to me! Blood work showed an infection so wanted to treat with antibiotics, I kept telling him there was more wrong than that, went over all her symptoms but he said, "one thing at a time, lets see how she is in a week". Finally we left and came home and by 8 PM she could not even walk. Off to the really wonderful emergency vet across the bay. 2 hours and many dollars later, she is staying there in the ICU with IV antibiotics and pain meds, likely pancreatitis. Her abdomen is very hazy on xray and they need to do an ultarsound tomorrow to rule out a mass. Her abdomen has been getting large over the last couple of months and she really hasn't eaten more so we have been worried and had an apt. with regular vet next week to try and figure it all out, as nothing was urgent. Today all that changed, my baby was like she had tranquelizers, even the quack noticed that and I told him that was NOT the way my dog reacts even to a bad infection.
    The wonderful vet at emergency was quick, thorough, listened to every word I said and we were on the way home in 2 hours after several diagnostics.

    I have never had to leave a dog overnight anywhere but we all got to go in and say goodnight to her back in the ICU, the boys each gave her a sweet nuzzle.
    Thanks for listening! I want my baby girl home safe and all recovered!

  • Poor baby…

    I hope she feels better soon!

  • Oh Anne! Please let us know asap how things are going.

    Could she have a blockage?

  • First Basenji's

    Anne, I am so sorry for all of you. I hope Nicky's condition is correctly diagnosed and treated soon and she feeling better. They are so pathetic when they are sick?:( Wrinkled forehead and all…. It is so fustrating to have any doctor not really listening to your information on signs and symptoms. Like they get all academic and such.....especially you and your medical background! Keep us updated. It helps to vent on the forum-here is a forum HUG (O)! xxoo Deb

  • Oh how scary! I know how hard it is to leave a pup at the ER. Hopefully you're on the path to a correct diagnosis and she'll be home soon

  • Hope that she is doing better this morning… and shame on the other Vet for not listening to you.... Makes me so angry when that happens... like, OK I know there are a majority of owners that really don't have a clue, but some of us do... and take the time to listen. If it were me, I would send the ER bill to the sub vet!!!

    Here is a link that I think has good (and understandable) information on pancreatitis in dogs

  • Hugs and prayers going your way from me.

  • That is so scary - hope Nicki is better soon, and that you can get a correct diagnosis - vets who will not listen are an embarrassment to their calling. We are all praying for Nicki - and for you.

  • Have dealt with pancreatitis, and it is scary.

    I hope you do 2 things… file a formal written complaint with the vet practice about the vet, and demand a full refund from them.

  • @tanza:

    If it were me, I would send the ER bill to the sub

    I concur! Perhaps this would get your regular vet very careful about who they take on locum for their practise!

    Saying prayers for Nicky's speedy recovery.

  • I just wanted to add to the well wishes for you and poor Nicky. Spencer had a bout of acute pancreatitis last year, at 13, so I know how scary it can be. He was one sick little B, but rebounded with good treatment. I hope your Nicky responds the same and is back home with you soon. Spencer and I send positive thoughts your way.

  • I do hope that Nicky will be home again soon and on the way to full recovery.

    I agree with Debra that the vet should be reported and so perhaps save other dogs from not getting proper treatment.

    Healing thoughts to Nicky.

  • I'm so sorry Anne! Really hoping Nicky recovers quickly. There's nothing worse then a vet who does not listen! It's terrible and I've been through it. Please keep us updated.

  • Thanks so much everyone! Ownedbyspencer, thanks for your info, that is very encouraging.
    I got a call today after the ultrasound and it is severe pancreatitis, the vet said she is stable but will need 4 or 5 more days in ICU with IV meds. Then it will depend on whether she can digest food or not. I went over around 1:30 to visit her, thinking they would take me back to her kennel and I would like down with her, when out they brought my dog, up and about, IV all wrapped with hard plastic and a cone on. Seems she feels better, chewed off 1 IV and ate part of her chart! They brought about a half cup of canned food and she scarfed it down, then I held her, walked her several times and then held her some more. She is obviously still sick but soooo much better than last night, I was afraid she would not make it through the night. The vet came out and we talked a long time, she was impressed that she had eaten and not vomited, and now said "another couple of days" most likely. My Nicky is one tough little dog! The downside is that by the time she acts sick, she is REALLY sick. I am so thankful for such kind and knowledgeable vets and the care they give. Like the Mastercard ad, Priceless!

    As for the 'sub', you can believe I will tell my vet about this! The bill was actually minimal and I did come away with a basic lab profile so the ER vet only had to do the advanced labs. And even my regular vet would probably have sent me to the specialist for ICU care so we wound up where we needed to be.
    Thanks to everyone for the good vibes, prayers, I know they have helped. I hope we will have her home by the weekend.

  • Oh Anne I am so happy to hear you got to visit and see improvement. Here it is 2 am nearly and I am logging on JUST to see if you updated. Now I can go to bed happier. (((hugs)))

  • Glad to hear she is improving 🙂

    Good luck on her road to recovery…

  • Houston

    oh Anne..I am so happy to read how well Nicky seems to be doing..praying it goes up from here..and that it goes fast..so Nicky can be home with you again.

  • Praying Nicky makes a full recovery! B's are tough buggers, and they tolerate a lot before you know they're sick. Glad you finally got a diagnosis.

  • Glad to hear that Nicky is doing better! It's an excellent sign that she not only wants food, but is keeping it down. I hope she's back home soon. 🙂

  • I'm delighted to get your news. I hope she continues to improve and will soon be back to full health.

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