Fish Oil and Pancreatitis

Can I still feed my boy the Fish Oil if he has had Pancreatitis?
His coat is horrible lately-Thyroid is okay.

First Basenji's

I started working as a vet tech so when I go to work tmrw I will ask the vet I work for!

First Basenji's

He said that it won't hurt but if anything changes contact your' vet.

The small amt necessary to help via fish oil should not be enough to set off pancreatitis. However, if the coat is awful, it is likely an entire diet change, thyroid full panel recheck maybe and daily brushing to help stimulate the skin might be in order.

The food is the same and he just had a check up with blood work-Thyroid the same and so is the pill dosage.
I will give him a bath and rub some cream in his coat.
Thanks for the help

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