• Not long home from work to discover my little B has a swollen face and eye. Husband has been with her most of the day but didn't notice a thing! Typical! She won't let me open her mouth. I don't think it is an abscess as she seems to be eating OK. I think she may have been stung in the mouth by a was or bee or similar. I have given her arnica. I called the vets to ask if I could give her an anti histamine. I only have Piritize and Tesco own make Loratadine. The vets would not advise as they are unfamiliar with these drugs. The Piriteze is unsuitable for children under 12 and contains Cetirizine Hydrochloride 10mg. The Loratadine is 10mg. Can anyone tell me if I can give one of these to my girl and if so, how much would I give her? I live too far away from the vet/chemist to get her anything tonight. I said I would see how she went through the night and take her to vets in morning if necessary.

    Any help urgently and gratefully received.

  • Ohh I don't know Vicki I have only ever used Piriton with Belle when she was stung by a hornet in Germany. Hopefully someone can give you some advise.

  • Yeah, the vets said Piriton was Ok but I don't have any and live too far away from chemists etc. Sods law these things always happen on a Friday evening!

  • @Benkura:

    Yeah, the vets said Piriton was Ok but I don't have any and live too far away from chemists etc. Sods law these things always happen on a Friday evening!


  • Benadryl - diphenhydramine is what we use for allergic reactions. We always have some in our house and med kit but is available here are the corner store so easy to get even at 2am.

    If the swelling is bad then it is important to make sure it is not obstructing her breathing. I have had to take mine in for a steroid shot when the reaction was severe.

  • Unfortunately, we don't live in a 24 hours society here. (North west of Scotland - very remote) but I'll def be stocking up on Benadryl next time I get to the chemist.

    Her breathing seems fine, she's eaten dinner - I gave her the smaller morsels of food tonight) and she seems to be slowly perking up. I've been bathing her eye with warm salty water.

  • Hi.
    I use to give my dogs ZODAC with succes and it is 10mg Cetrizini Dihydrochloridum. So I think you can use your Loratadin.

  • Oh and how old she is? I think you should start with only a half of tablet.

  • She's 5 1/2 and weighs approx 9 1/2 Kgs. She's the girl on my avatar.

  • sorry to hear about Nakura Vicki, it does sound like a sting, they say to bath in milk if a bee and vinagar for wasps, maybe worth trying both if she will let you.
    She hasn't had a pigs ear to eat has she, the reason i ask is that years ago Benji had one and the next day his face had swollen badly, enough to make his eyes into slits. The poor dog looked like a pig. It was sunday and no vets open and as he seemed ok in himself i decided to wait a day . Thankfully he was back to normal monday. Hope she's ok.

  • Ok, I woul deffinitly start with half a tablet and then you?ll see how it works. Please, don?t worrry if your girl will be a bit more sleepy after it, it is normal.

  • I've been reading up on Loratadine and it is the generic name for Clarytin. Some websites say it should be OK to give her 1/2 tab. What do you guys think?

  • Now I am reading Loratadin is not recommended to children, maybe you should use the first one with Citrizin Hydrochlorid, it is the same like in tablets I use to give my dogs when they have allergic reaction on sting.

  • I'm going to try her on half a loratadine tablet. I'll let you know how I get on. I'm trying to get a pic of her face off my phone but having no luck. Fingers crossed!

  • I don?t think you will hurt her anyway:) So let us know. But next time you should take her the tablet just after an insect will sting her, it is more useful.

  • I only wish I knew what happened to her. Husbands are useless at that sort of thing. I was at work all day and Douglas had his day off and was at home to walk and look after the dogs. We're not having a good time of it at the moment. All the dogs seem to have bumps and bruises of some sort or another. We have a Breed Champ Show next weekend. Typical!

  • If it was just bee or something like this, it will be okay till tomorrow. Will see that she will be absolutly all right very soon, I am sure.

  • I think she will be ok too Vicki, hopefully her face has finished swelling and will probably back to normal tomorrow. If she is breathing fine now, it probably wont get worse, poor little thing.

  • Many years ago I had the same thing with one of my afghans, he looked like a blood hound with bumps all over his body. If she is not in any distress I would just keep an eye on her, I hope you see an improvement soon Vicki.

  • Thank you all for your positive thoughts. We're going to let Nakura sleep in bed with us tonight so we can keep a close eye on her. The swelling hasn't got any worse and she has even managed to grump at one of her sons so she must be feeling a bit better! LOL. I'll let you all know how she is in the morning. 🙂

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