Bee Sting ?

Kate had a small swelling (nickel sized, just past the upper lip line by 1/8 inch) on her face this morning. At first I thought it was a new fatty deposit (she has a small one on her side) as it was mushy to the touch.

I think now it's a bee or wasp sting as it became larger and firmer as the morning went on. I also considered a bad tooth infection but the gum is normal and there is no odor in her mouth.

We gave her a benadryl which took down the swelling just a little, but she still has a good size bump.

She is eating and drinking normally, just sleeping more than normal due to the benadryl.

Any suggestions for a topical in this instance?

How do you stop these maniacs from chasing and snapping at insects? (Although they are the best fly catchers on the face of the earth–-if your window screens hold out:D )

You can try a paste of baking soda and water. it works well to bring down the swelling and itching.

If the stinger is still in there won't it stay puffy or get infected?

Kate still has a swelling today. Looked for a stinger but couldn't find one. The swelling is back to feeling mushy. She never tried to scratch or rub it.

Thanks for the advice about the baking soda and water. I'll try it.

Mica bit a bee and the bee bit her last summer and than she was a bit lethargic so I took her to the vet and they gave her some medicine. I think she remembers bees this summer because she stays away from them now, but she still chases flies which I have to catch in the condo and than let loose at her level out of a glass so she can catch it - and shell eat it sometimes, but now its mosquitoes added too. And the model airplanes that fly with a remote switch up in the sky are also her newest thing.
BaMicas mom

Like people, some dogs are highly allergic and a bee sting is a vet emergency. Giving benadryl immediately is a good idea, and watch for extreme swelling or shortness of breath.

Anne in Tampa

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