Advice sought asap changes in umbilical hernia, pics attached

  • Our 14 month old male basenji Toby has an umbilical hernia that our vet recommended not fixing (perhaps in conjunction with breeder/breeder's vet) unless it presented issues. Last night my children thought it was bleeding. However, on further inspection, his stomach appeared to have a pink scratch extending from his umbilical hernia towards his private parts. Tonight, the hernia looks smaller but but the "line" is much darker and more pronounced. I am wondering whether he should be taken to an emergency vet tonight or tomorrow or whether we should take him to his regular vet on Monday.

    Please respond if you have any helpful advice as soon as possible. Toby is the "baby" of our family and we are very worried and not sure what to do.

    Note: We tragically lost our basenji mix Spicer a little over a year ago to a freak poisoning by a sago palm plant. So, the thought of losing Toby to an unusual occurrence is quite scary and hopefully our worry is not justified.

    Thanks! 😞

  • Is he acting painful? I honestly, can't really see anything but if you are that concerned, go ahead and take him. It will make you feel better.

  • I am certainly not a Vet, but I don't really see anything either. The hernia itself would turn purple/blackish if there was a problem, at least the one time we had a problem that is what happened and it was because pups were trying to "nurse" from the hernia when Mickii was being "foster" Mom to Maggii's pups.

    The red line looks more like the beginning of a yeast infection

  • It is hard to tell from the pictures but it looks like the type of discoloring that is common when they are licking themselves repeatedly in the same area. The umbilical hernia doesn't look like it is affected or has anything going on. I would think more along skin irritation, contact allergy, or something along those lines. Probably worth making an appointment and having it checked out so it doesn't turn into something like a skin infection and to rule out anything more serious.

    Have you gently cleaned the area?

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