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Hi I have a quick question. Try and take my B to a dog park nearby as often as I can. Also goes to a dog daycare for an entire day about once a week for as much socialization and activity as he can handles. It’s supervised which I like. The issue is when I take him to the park he’s very playful, friendly but extremely active obviously and when he plays with other dogs he has an annoying tendency to try and grab and bite them around their neck when running. It’s not necessarily aggressive and I see it as more playful but a lot of other dogs don’t like it obviously and react negatively toward it and my dog is seen as the instigator and problem by the other people which I can understand. I watch him constantly and call him off as much as I can but he sees it as playing and always goes back for more. It’s at a point that I don’t even want to take him anymore. Any advice?

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Can anyone recommend a good dog food and safe treats for allergies please? My boy has had a nasty neck rash for months now. He doesn’t wear a collar so it’s not that. Vet seemed concerned but stumped - gave him a shot of antibiotics and a chlorhexidine mousse I put on him once a day - hasn’t really improved after a few days. He’s been on the same brand of food since he was a puppy (Open Farm). Moved from puppy formula to Beef at like 8 months but had loose stool so went to Lamb which was much better and now also consider trying Pork but nothing seems to help with his neck irritation so thinking of abandoning this all together and trying something completely new. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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