• Dont worry I havent gotten bitten or anything! haha. Just curious if anyone knows what a Basenji's bite pressure is. Anubis ate his usual raw chicken and crunched through the bones pretty easily and he's also done a number on other large bones too. I know the have really strong jaws but haven't been able to find anything online about Bite Pressure Per Square Inch. I have with other breeds such as the Rottie and the Pitbull but nothing on the Basenji. Anyone know? Or have some sort of idea?

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  • That's a great question. Dolce's on a raw diet and it's amazing how quickly she can get through a bone. In fact, Dolce has a nylabone left over from my Dalmatian who passed away. She has made more "damage" to the bone faster than the Dalmatian ever did. Yet, her teeth are so gentle when she plays. Basenji's are amazing dogs.

  • Anubis mom… no reason to respond to spam, they don't come back and they don't care what you write even if they do.

    LOL I have seen mine crunch quickly through turkey necks nearly as big as them. I doubt you'll find stats, since it isn't really something worth researching (and most the pit bull and rottie ones are bogus). If they can puncture the skin, they can do damage.

    I am more curious about where they hide the tiny razor blades or scissors that cut leashes so smooth and quickly. Never had a breed so talented as them and only hidden cutting implements explains it!

  • Haha Ive seen Anubis do that as well with the turkey necks. I even gave him a wing once and it had this HUGE thick spot on it and it was no match for him. And yeah I tied him to a door in my kitchen once with the leash for like 3min while someone moved a recliner I was getting rid of out of my house (the gate was open outside), one minute he was tied to the door the next minute he was standing next to me looking up at me like "What did ya tie me up for mom?" He didnt run out luckily but he chewed through that thick leash in no time. I now have a leather handled leash with a chain body to it. Its a thin chain but not one he could snap if he pulled hard. And he certainly cant eat it either lol

  • "Its a thin chain but not one he could snap if he pulled hard. And he certainly cant eat it either lol"

    Never say never…....when you are talking about a Basenji

  • Haha Tanza…good point! I HAVE said never on a few occasions and then regretted it later lol.

  • Butu has put bite marks on a CD and a memory card - real indentations. Have you ever tried to destroy a CD? It's not easy…

  • I also have a metal bowl that he eats out of. Its got a rubber non slip bottom (he eats plastic bowls). And I guess he got bored after he ate (I was outside changing the water in my labs pool) and he chewed his bowl some. There's marks that almost go all the way through!

  • That is a great question. I would like to know if anyone has any pounds per square inch info.

  • Houston

    I totally would love to know that too..Pippin is the same way..leashes in seconds, my favorite Chaco sandals, the strap are suedo car seatbelt strap material-like…no match(unfortunatley :(), Metal food bowls have slight teeth marks too..this all happens in seconds, because it isn't like I am letting him chew his way through all this for fun. His favorite by far...snapping a Barbie's head of..in two seconds flat..lol 🙂

  • Lmao! Thats hilarious about the Barbie! I have no kids but i DO have 2 nieces…hope Anubis never gets a hold of their barbies! He'd have way too much fun with them! Today his latest was when he was outside this evening when it got cool. He managed to get the screw on tops of my solar powered lights which line my walk way and porch off of 3 of them and chewed them to bits. Hes NEVER bothered with them till now lol

  • Someone swears that bitter apple GEL works where sprays never did, you night need some for your lights! Dang is there nothing they won't bother? Cara took down my humming bird feeder a couple of weeks ago. Now I have high metal stakes bracing the poll to help deter her. Sigh.

  • Im going to the pet store TODAY to find some of the gel lol. He loves those things now since he knows he can take them off. You find little dots of light all over the yard because he takes the tops off and the other part stays in the ground. He has his fun and leaves them everywhere. And mind you my yard is BIG so you have to walk around the whole thing to find them all lol. I GLUED them on so we'll see haha. Thats funny about the hummingbird feeder…ill remember that for when I decide to get one lol. He also took down my wind chimes off my porch last week just because the wind was moving them....so he must have thought it was something to hunt haha.

  • that gel sounds interesting… the bitter apple has no effect on suki and somehow i end up with the stuff on my hands and in my mouth and i'm stuck tasting it the whole day - even when i touch something months later! grr!

    what i've found that works is some ben gay-type stuff from the asian markets - a muscle relief lotion. she HATES the strong smell and won't get near it. i wiped some on the corner of a chair she was trying to eat and now she won't go near there!

  • yes that tiny blades hiding on basenjis mouth!

    Maca has destroy all her leashes.. i buy them frequently.. my mom insist to have her on the leash until she learns that Maca can cut them on seconds!

    So i never left alone without my supervision while we are on the streets. She can cut off and get lost on seconds.!

    The first time was a pup and i was cleaning the house and have the brilliant idea of put her on the leash and hang on the door inside. I was cleaning and turn around to get the mope. And voila! Maca was beside to me and the lesh was hanging alone on the door. haha.. i learn my lesson and hopefully was inside the house.. so i learn never trust on a unatendent leash.

    I gave her real massive bones and she eats all. And some meat with bone and some raw chickend and she eat everything.

  • Make her a leash she cannot chew. 🙂
    This is mine:

  • A leash she never can chew, Debra? I'm not sure there's actualy such a thing. When Jewel (my oldie) was a puppy she and her brother escaped from their show bench by bighting through a benching chain designed for an adult Basenji!! Mind you at nearly 17 she can't do that any more!!

    Joking apart - did you make up that leash or are they commercially available ?

  • ROFLMAO, okay Patty you are right. They are not fool proof. They are "it gives you enough time to notice and stop their evil snakey head chewing" leashes.

    I made mine. I went to home depot, got the connectors and 12 to 18 inch thin chains and put them on. The brat coordinator here was the one who told me what to do. Before that, I had a BAG full of chewed leashes sewn back together that I took with me to do home visits and show potential owners the dangers, lol.

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