My girl started her first cycle…advice please!

  • I made Z's seasonal panties out of fleece in Z-appropriate colors. the first set was purple and gold (BOB ribbon colors), but then it sort of looked like maybe we were Viking fans, so the second set was pink and purple (princess colors). She did very well with them, but I didn't leave them on her when in the crate. Fleece is nice to work with for the novice sewer as you don't have to finish off the edges, but it does tend to stretch. Of course if you do decide to use panties, I strongly suggest you tell your little girl how wonderful they look on her and NEVER laugh at her with them on.

  • Okay question to breeders… WTH? Two on this thread with heats now in spring, and one in her 2nd heat. Is that usual? We got Arwen, she didn't go into heat at ALL (born end Oct, had spayed in early Sept). I had (wrongly it seems) assumed most waited til at least early fall for first heat. Will they then settle into yearly or if 2 first year indicates going to be 2x a year forever?

    LOL on the crying for love on Youtube. When a bitch was in heat, my male Rottie howled for hours on end, slept a bit, howled more. It was hell. What was funny though is I had him and anywhere from 3 to 5 females. Obviously I didn't let him out with the one in heat but he'd go around continuously checking the others crying "is it you? is it you? is it you?" I was so happy to no longer have intact bitches.

    Oh, and on the determination of dogs... i have heard of several being bred THROUGH the fence so even with great fencing, you have to supervise!

  • not a breeder, but my bitch came into season twice a year. But that was pretty common in her pedigree. I know of several dogs in that line that started out with two a year and then cycled down to one a year.

  • Yup, there are some lines that have always had two seasons… Kathy Britton's Basenji come to mind.... not uncommon at all, really.

    And many puppies will have an early puppy season at 5 to 7 months of age... most times you find that if an older bitch in the same home comes in 4 to 6 months after whelping, but not always.

  • Luckily I avoided false pregnancies and twice a year heats with both Ruby and Aaliyah. Yup, once a year was bad enough. 😃

    With Aaliyah - there is nothing feminine about her (except her looks) - she is (and always has been) a complete tomboy and when she went into heat, she actually lost weight (and she could have stood to gain some as she was super lean) as she didn't really want to eat - and didn't want to do much of anything. Her appearance didn't change and even her vulva hardly swelled. She had the "blue funk" and just seemed depressed and disgusted by the whole ordeal. And it only made her mark Brando's pee, more than she did already. :rolleyes:

    And to Debra…the rottie sniffing all the girls to see if they were the ones in heat...that same thing was happening to Ruby from Brando and I finally ended up separating those two (even though Ruby was spayed by that point), because Ruby was about ready to rip Brando's face off. 😃

  • @agilebasenji:

    Of course if you do decide to use panties, I strongly suggest you tell your little girl how wonderful they look on her and NEVER laugh at her with them on.

    What happens when you laugh - do they immediately get shredded? :D:D

  • My bitch was co bred by Kathy Britton & John Gaidos and this year she is the only one that has had a spring season per KB & JG. Lucky me (she is my first female)

    Mine was born December 14, 2009 and had her first season the day we pulled into the BCOA national on August 31. Her second season started on April 26th.

    I saw Therese at a show on May 8th and she had a young female that had started her first season. I also saw a post from Tad on Facebook today saying 2 of his adult females have just come in.

    In my case, I think a neighbors bitch must have come in nearby because about a month before my girl started my dog KNEW something was up, he would check her all the time and all he wanted to do was hang out in the yard.

  • @Walter:

    I'm gonna get her the doggie diapers, less washing blankets and hilarious to see her wearing a diaper:) I too doubt the diapers will work well but what a sight.

    Walter, we are going to want pictures! 😃

  • My girls from two different lines came in twice a year the first couple of years-since then they have only had once per year. I know friends of mine have some of their girls in right now as well. It's a strange year with it being so cold and wet in the spring.

  • Hello All!

    Well were in day 6 of her 1st season and things are going really well with the doggie diapers (to my surprise), she wears them without problem…I think perhaps the actual ones designed for dogs may work slightly better or she just doesn't mind. They may have a different shape to them that helps them stay on, the tail hole is in a perfect spot. She is very tired and quite loving. Her "girl parts" got quite big over the past few days and nipples have doubled in size (hope they go back down). Me and my GF can't wait for this to be over! Scarlett was born in September so I guess her mom (Therese and Kevin's was Sober) had to have a similar cycle.

    Been busy but will try to post Scarlett diaper pics soon!

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