• Right now Zest is at the emergency hospital with HGE (hemorrhagic gastroenteritits)

    She had bloody diarrhea and was vomitting this morning so we went to the emergency vet. I am so worried about her as this came on so quickly, but it looks like that is how this thing works. She will have to spend the night there (which I hate), but we are welcome to go visit her anytime we like. I just got back from visiting her this afternoon and will go again when Miles gets home from work as they are open around the clock. She was up and her tail was curled when she saw me. They'd had to put a cone on her as she started messing with her IV. So all that's good news. I spent about 30 minutes there with her in my lap as I read well-wishes from her fan club and various animal-related news stories I found on the NPR pod ap. When I left she was sleepy again.

    I'll post more as soon as I know anything, but please include her in your prayers tonight. Thank you.

  • Oh, Kim!!!! You and Zest are in my thoughts and prayers!

  • Kim… healing thoughts to Zest.... from all of us here at Tanza!

  • First Basenji's

    Sounds scary! Hope she bounces back quickly.

  • what a scare! hope she feels better soon!

  • Oh wow, sending calming vibes to you and fast healing ones to Zest. I adore that name, btw.

  • Poor little Zest, and poor Kim too, I'm sure you are very worried. Hopefully she is already better, fluids and 'gut rest' and good vet care will hopefully have her home again soon.

  • Oh, how awful. Any idea why this came about? Anyway, hugs and hugs for your whole family.

  • Kim, is there a prognosis for her? Now that it is under control will the bleeding return?

  • Oh no! Please know that you and Zest are in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Miles and I just went to tuck Zest in for the night. She looked perkier, but still tired. I read more well-wishes and we listened to some more pod casts from NPR. (We listened to the Not My Job pod casts for some levity.) The evening shift was just as nice and friendly as the early shift, so that was nice to meet those people. In reading about this HGE, it seems much is a mystery. Everything I've read has pointed to it NOT being contagous, so that's a relief. At any rate, continued prayers, good vibes, etc are still appreciated.

    Once she's done with her hospital visit, she will be on a special diet for a little while before we introduce her regular food.
    this website info seems to be inline with what the hospital is telling me.

    Thank you so much! Your notes of caring really seem to cheer her (and me) up!

  • I'm glad Zest she is doing better! Nemo had this years ago. It was very scary but he turned around pretty quickly after getting IV fluids and an overnight stay at the vet.

  • I am so glad she is feeling better. Being home will certainly cheer her up, and you too. I'd have freaked out… just hard to not be scared when it's your pet.

    The first link you gave said about 10 to 15 percent recurs, so at least MOST never are bothered again. My only experience with it was a friend's dog, who also had Von Willebrand disease (a bleeding or lack of clotting disease) and they felt it was related to that.

  • First Basenji's

    I'm so glad Zest is feeling better! I'm sending out happy thoughts for a speedy recovery so she will be home soon.

  • Oh my.. what a scare! Glad to hear she's doing a bit better already.. We're sending positive thoughts your way!

  • Thanks for the update, so glad Zest! is better, I'm sure you feel better too!

  • Houston

    oh, Kim..I am so sorry to hear of Zest..praying she regains her strength and kicks this in the butt…keep us posted if you have the energy.

  • Thanks so much everyone! those good thougths/prayers ARE working and we anticipate she'll be home around lunchtime. She will need a bland diet for a while, but we ARE planning for a complete recovery. I'll post again when she's home.

  • That's good news! How scary for the both of you to go through this! Continued good health, and I will think of the both of you often today.

  • Healing thoughts for you all. Scary.

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