• I am new here - and this is my Basenji, Butu:

  • What a cute little brindle pointed tri!! How old is he and where did you get him?

  • Thank you - he'll be six months old on May 2, and I bought him from Lincolnshire. I researched dogs quite meticulously and decided I definitely didn't want a Basenji, then I met him - he looked at me, I looked at him. What can I say? We are getting on very well so far. He is mostly a typical Basenji - but when does the 'aloof' kick in and he stops behaving like velcro? 😉

  • Many b's love to be with their people and will follow you from room to room.
    At least mine do.

  • ^mine too - and she is friendly with everyone. but she does definitely do whatever she wants. she wants to be near me, but she doesn't care if she pleases me!

    and cuuuute pup, by the way!

  • What is his breeding? Don't see many Trindles in England. And "aloof" is with Strangers… not with family...

  • Welcome to the Forum… glad you are here with us.

    My Kipawa is a love sponge, and rarely leaves my side. I hope that NEVER changes!

  • He is darling! Welcome and congratulations on your precious boy.

  • Houston

    He is darling..Pippin likes to follow us around too..he is rarely/never aloof with us, but sometimes with strangers..but on the flipside..he is best friends with the FedEx man…he even lets him pick him up..hahaha..

  • ROFLMAO, what a cute "PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE" face. Welcome to the forum.

  • Blaze, too, is quite friendly, even…so far, at least...with strangers. He wants lots and lots of attention first thing in the morning, and at night, likes to get in my lap to sleep as I'm sitting in the recliner watching TV.

    Butu is really cute!

  • Deleted… already commented.

  • Welcome! Very cute puppy 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum - what a cutie he is. the crate is different from any I've seen here. As to the "velcro" attribute - I think you'll find they will follow from room to room with you for a long time. Mine are 2 1/2 and 3, and they still do it, even when they appear to be sleeping soundly they get up and follow.

  • It's not a crate (well, not we call a crate) - it's a pet carrier and was used to take him to the vat before his vaccinations were all done, when he wasn't supposed to walk on the street…

  • What a lovely B! Welcome to the family and glad to have you in the forum…we share lot's of ideas and experiences, there is always a lot to learn. My B follows me everywhere but I prefer that...that way she is less likely to cause any mischief! That of course is merely wishful thinking.

  • I met a couple of Basenji owners on Sunday at Badminton Horse Trials, and one was telling me, that as Trindles aren't recognised by the UKKC, a lot of them are culled! That's just Not Right.

  • Hi Quizbasenji - welcome from another UK basenji owner.

    re your comment about Trindles - that is simply not true. There have been very few brindles born in the UK at all - never mind trindles. sounds as though you bumped into an "instant Expert" who decided to make up a story! I agree colour alone should never be a reason to put down a pup, but i seriously doubt any uk breeder would consider such a thing even if a trindle was produced.

  • Welcome to the forum, it's a very informative place to be !!!!

    Have fun with your little one. I've only had my B for 3 years, a steep learning curve but enjoying it. Like Scott said there are instant experts everywhere, take no notice !!!!

    Marianne x

  • @QuizBasenji:

    I met a couple of Basenji owners on Sunday at Badminton Horse Trials, and one was telling me, that as Trindles aren't recognised by the UKKC, a lot of them are culled! That's just Not Right.

    FYI, many breeders use the term cull not for kill but remove from breeding program. So yeah if trindles aren't recognized, a breeder would spay/neuter and place in home as pet.

    I'd be surprised if many kill them, though it used to be common in Germany. I was horrified to read that the breeding warden came to Rottie homes, inspected the litter, and made them kill the excess (they can have 10 to 14 pups not uncommonly) puppies. They did it in all breeds btw. They have finally forbidden killing them, they just limit how many the breeder can register in the studbook from each litter.

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