• Hi!

    I am new here .. and also new to thinking that I have a basenji mix! We adopted Charlie from a kill shelter about two weeks ago. His info listed him as a terrier mix. I spent a good bit of time googling mixes such as Jack Russell & Rat Terrier, Jack Russell Dachshund, etc. None of them seemed right! I came across Basenji by looking for black & white dog breeds! The descriptions fit him to a tee & he looks like a mini basenji for sure. He has short legs .. so I am thinking Basenji & Dachshund, but would love your opinions!

    It's funny because since we got him we have been telling everyone how quite he is (especially compared to our chihuahua!). Charlie does not bark at the doorbell at all. It's pretty nice! Then when I started reading about Basenjis, I read that was one of their traits!

    Anyways . . here he is! He's 7 months old & weighs a little over 11 lbs now. What do you think?


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