• Not sure why she was doing this but I thought I'd record it. Pretty funny though. Enjoy.


  • LOL very odd what what the heck was she boofing at?

  • Funny Athena! I too am wondering what was making her 'boof' (good word for it, Debra!).

  • My pup will scramble to look into windows and glass doors as we pass because he can see himself and thinks its another B… any chance she can see herself in your window??

  • Pretty girl, your Athena.

  • Is something in the room being reflected in the window? My Basenjis behave in exactly the same way when they meet something they've never encountered before.

  • Maybe it's a ghost?! haha…

  • I'm not sure what made her do it. It might have been the wind or something. No chance of seeing herself, they're glass block windows. Also, nothing was being reflected.

  • All the basenjis I have ever had "boof" when on alert. They all seem to understand that it means something like "heads up, guys, possible trouble". Don made that sound once, playing with the 5 we had then, and they were not amused, they looked at him like he had 2 heads and didn't respond at all the way they did when a basenji said 'boof'. They would play with him mimicking all other basenji noises, but 'boof' was sacred.

    Athena is just telling anyone around to be on alert! If you ever watch any meerkat shows, the watchers make a sound that produces the same results, everyone stops whatever they are doing and all look around to locate the source of the alert.

  • LOL, a couple of weeks ago Cara began boofing for no apparent reason. MOST the time it's a dog outside and she wants dogs (oh and thunder) to know only she gets to make noise. It took me a couple of days to pinpoint it. I had started playing a new game, Gardens of Time, and when you change scenes, it sounds like a bark (My child insists it's a wooshing sound of the time machine but obviously Cara and I both disagree). LOL she has finally stopped though.

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